5 ways to be a traveler at home


November 4, 2015

5 ways to be a traveler at home

 Coming back home after a long travel  isn´t sometimes a nice feeling. First you just want to go back on the road and then you will have the impression that everything at home is just boring and simple. However there are activities to keep these wanderlust feelings alive while reorganizing your life at home and planing your next big adventure.

Do Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a great way to connect travelers and locals. Either you host someone, organize activities with other couchsurfers or just hang out with travelers visiting your city, this platform is a great way to keep stories, memories and experiences alive while you are at home.

With travelers coming and going all year long and using Couchsurfing as a travel platform you will get the chance to meet so many people and exchange so many stories that you will feel you never stopped traveling.

Go to language tandem meetings

Miss that feeling of speaking Spanish in the bars of Buenos Aires or Madrid? Check out some language meetings in your city. Each city has groups who meet weekly or monthly and practice a language, speak about different countries and cultures or simply enjoy a beer with other expats, locals and travelers. It´s a great way to meet new friends from other countries and get in touch with the international community of your city.

You can check for local tandem meetings over Facebook, Couchsurfing or in university newspapers.

Do or take free tours

You don´t need to live in New York City or Paris to enjoy a good tour. Most big cities offer free tours, a great activity for budget travelers and -according to TripAdvisor- people´s favourite way of exploring a new city. Check for tours in your hometown and try one; It will be a great chance to meet new travelers, learn more about your city or meet the local tour guides and who knows, maybe you´ll end up doing some tours yourself.

To check if your city offers free tours you can go on Facebook, Google or ask at a hostel.

Keep in touch with the international student community

In a world that is well connected, many universities share connections and have relations with other schools all over the world, making  the international student community way bigger than you might think. Check the university websites or just go to the biggest university close by to see what this community does.

You will be surprised how many outdoor activities, travels, parties or meetings they offer. It´s an excellent option to meet students from all over the world and feel like you are on the road again.

Feel like a local tourist

Start exploring your own city a little bit more and experience it from the traveler´s point of view. Check the most popular hostels and what activities they are offering to get more connected with them. Pub crawls, karaoke nights, yoga meetings or cooking evenings are great options to distract yourself from every day life and meet different travelers each day.

Consider the possibility of working part time in a hostel at your town, it´s a great way to get involved with your local travel community and get some extra bucks for your next travel.

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