How to Get Around Venezuela

How to Get Around Venezuela

Navigating Venezuela’s travel landscape can be challenging, but with the right knowledge, you can explore this beautiful country like a pro Venezuela felt a bit odd for me. I knew I was in a new country, but the heat, the music, the people, and the vibes were like I was in Colombia. Venezuela feels like […]

Internet in Venezuela – How to Be Connected at All Times in Venezuela

Internet in Venezuela- Which is the best e-sim

Staying connected in Venezuela can be tricky, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can navigate the challenges effectively. Just like in any other country I travel, I find being connected essential for having a better and more comfortable experience. Venezuela was not the exception. However, with multiple and contradicting opinions on the internet, […]

Best National Parks in Malawi for a Safari

Best National Parks in Malawi - Liwonde from the air

These are the best national parks in Malawi, where conservation efforts are bringing wildlife back to life and safaris feel as simple as they were supposed to be When I decided to visit Malawi, my primary goal was to witness firsthand the incredible progress in wildlife conservation. Malawi has been making headlines for its ambitious […]

Bizarre Traditions – This is a Chewa Funeral Ceremony in Malawi

This is a Chewa Funeral Ceremony in Malawi

Discover the fascinating and intimate funeral traditions of the Chewa tribe in Malawi, where death is celebrated with elaborate masks and vibrant dances. The weather was humid, the roads quiet, and the green landscapes stretched endlessly before me. Suddenly, a group of people adorned in striking masks appeared in the distance, moving rhythmically to the […]

How to Plan a Road Trip in Malawi

Road trip in Malawi

Discover the nature and culture of Malawi with a road trip that reveals its untouched landscapes and wild adventures. When I first planned my trip to Malawi, I was excited about exploring a country often overlooked by travelers. Malawi’s mix of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and friendly locals makes it an excellent destination for a […]

Reintroducing Wildlife and Its Role for Conservation in Malawi

Reintroducing Wildlife and Its Role in Wildlife Conservation in Malawi

Discover how reintroducing wildlife in Malawi’s national parks is transforming conservation efforts and revitalizing ecosystems. When I first heard about the wildlife conservation efforts in Malawi, I was intrigued. As someone who has always been passionate about wildlife, the idea of reintroducing species to their natural habitats fascinated me. I had seen the devastating effects […]

The Initiatives and Impact of Preserving Saint Lucia’s Rainforests

The Initiatives and Impact of Preserving Saint Lucia's Rainforests

Do you know about the ongoing efforts to preserve Saint Lucia’s rainforests and the impact in the local communities and the planet? Saint Lucia is a true Caribbean paradise. The island has stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and magical rainforests. These rainforests are vital for biodiversity and local culture. When I visited, I was fascinated by […]

Best Things to Do in Saint Lucia

Best things to do in Saint Lucia

These top activities and hidden gems in Saint Lucia, an island where adventure meets beauty and every corner offers a unique experience. When I first arrived into Saint Lucia, I was immediately captivated by the  beauty and charm of the island. I had seen countless photographs of Saint Lucia, and yet the reality was even […]

How to Get Around Saint Lucia

View of the pitons in Saint Lucia

From renting a car to braving the local bus system, here’s a my guide on how to venture and get around Saint Lucia on your own. St. Lucia, with its dramatic volcanic peaks, dense rainforests, and pristine beaches, offers a magical diversity of landscapes that simply calls for exploration. This was the island in the […]

How to Plan an Island Hopping Trip in the Caribbean

How to Plan an Island Hopping Trip in the Caribbean

For those who hate cruises and want to explore each Caribbean island independently, here’s how I planned an island hopping trip in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean. Traveling the Caribbean independently, without relying on cruises, is a unique adventure that involves a bit of planning and a love for logistics. It is not anymore […]