Tips to get a couch through Couchsurfing


October 31, 2015

Tips to get a couch through Couchsurfing

Couchsufing is a great idea and a wonderful way to meet travelers, locals and at the same time save some cash. In other words: Couchsurfing is the full package.

For those who doesn´t know what Couchsurfing is: Couchsurfing is an internet platform where travelers and non travelers can create a profile (more or less like Facebook), but instead of being conected with friends and family, you will be conected with people around the world looking for a place to stay, offering you a place to stay or willing to show you their home cities. It´s a great chance to travel at home or visit a city through the eyes of a local.

Of course, in the world of Couchsurfing not everything is perfect. There are people that want to use it as a dating website, write unpolite request or just don´t have any idea how to ask someone for a couch.

In big cities like Paris or Berlin, where 1000 of travelers are looking for a couch daily, the way you write your request, or present yourself will play a role to get a positive answer. Here I will show you some tips for your next Couchsurfing request.

1. Write with some time

Nobody likes to get a request a couple of days before your arrival. That kind of request is a little bit unpolite and won´t give your host time to think if he/she is able to host you during that period of time. I like to write 2 or 3 weeks in advance, then not everyone checks their emails daily.

2. Read at least their description

There is nothing worse than someone that doesn´t read the description. I think reading a little bit the profile of your future host will increase your chances of getting a positive answer and finding the right host. I like to write on my request something I found interesting about their profile, so they can realize that I really read the profile description.

3. Use filters to find common interest

Filters are a great help to find the perfect host. Personally I like to write people that speak spanish, are  3 years younger/older than me and have been online in the past month. Selecting the right filters will guide you to a host that has the same interest and will be more likeable to host you


4. Write couchsurfers with references and/or get references

References are really important for me, then you never know what kind of person is on the other side and at the same time they don´t know who you are. References will also give you an idea how often this person use Couchsurfing and how likely is this person to accept guests at its home. Add Facebook friends to Couchsurfing friends, they will write nice references that will definetely make a good impression when you are looking for a couch

5. Write something nice

This should be the number one, then the way you write will make the difference between a „yes“ and a „no“. You can´t just write – hey, can I stay at your place?. That so rude and unpolite, that I neither like to answer those request. Write a small description of yourself, why are you traveling there, what are you looking in a host and why you think this person will be a good host.

6. Don´t be the annoying Casanova

Couchsurfing is not a dating website. I know that sometimes there might be a spark between you and your host, but this shouldn´t be the priority when searching your next host. Hot girls and guys like to host nice people, not people trying to get in their pants. There is nothing more unconfortable than having someone at home, that is just trying to seduce you, when you don´t want that.

7. Work on your personal profile

Your personal profile on Couchsurfing is like your CV during a job interview, you don´t want to show it empty. To pimp yours a little bit will take almost the same amount of time than reading this article and will give an idea what kind of person you are and what are your interests.

Take this steps into account next time and you will see a big diference on the responses you get. Now you don´t need to write 50 messages to get a positive answer, but just 4 or 5.

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