8 reasons why I love traveling

to experience new cultures Everywhere around the world different cultures live the same daily life like you and me now but different in their own way. I love this feeling when my senses get these new sensations from everywhere, although I´m doing daily life stuff like shopping or drinking a coffee in a café. to […]

How to meet people while traveling alone

Traveling solo should not be scary and meeting people should be easy. These are five ways to meet people when traveling alone in a different country I love traveling alone. It gives me the flexibility I always want and at the same time is an opportunity for self reflection and learning. On a long term, […]

Best tips for travelers starting a solo adventure

Best tips for travelers starting a solo adventure

Traveling solo for first time can sound scary. However, it will teach you to be more yourself, learn from your mistakes and become more independent. It was my first trip alone. I just bought a one way ticket from Frankfurt to Hanoi for my Summer holidays, and I didn’t know what to expect in this […]

Tips to get a couch through Couchsurfing

Couchsufing is a great idea and a wonderful way to meet travelers, locals and at the same time save some cash. In other words: Couchsurfing is the full package. For those who doesn´t know what Couchsurfing is: Couchsurfing is an internet platform where travelers and non travelers can create a profile (more or less like […]

10 ways to save money while traveling

 1. Eat local There is no better way to save money than eating like a local, beside that you can also experience what the local cusine taste like and when I mean eating local, I don´t mean expensive restaurants in in the main square, but hawkers in places like South America or South East Asia are […]

Power plugs around the world

Power plugs around the world

Which power plugs do you need around the world when traveling? There is nothing more annoying than forgetting an adapter for your power plugs or absolutely forget about which kind of sockets type some country has. We prepare several maps for you, so you can be ready charged for your next adventure. These are the […]