8 reasons why I love traveling


October 31, 2015

8 reasons why I love traveling

to experience new cultures

Everywhere around the world different cultures live the same daily life like you and me now but different in their own way. I love this feeling when my senses get these new sensations from everywhere, although I´m doing daily life stuff like shopping or drinking a coffee in a café.

to meet people with different ideas

While traveling you  get  contact with all kinds of people. I love meeting new travelers which show you their perspective of the world; you will hear so many different and new ideas, that you have the feeling your eyes were close the whole time until now.

to fill my passport

I´m a Colombian national and we travel with a lot of prejudices; in other words, we travel in HARD mode. For almost every country in the world I have to apply for a visa and this long burocratic paperwork is so exhausting, that I apreciate life for every stamp in my passport. I love this challenge and love arriving in a new country and hear the woman from passport control saying – Oh Colombia, that´s something we don´t see often here.

to see the world with your own eyes and not from a TV

Most of the information we get from a new country is from news or TV and I hate that. Newspapers show you only what´s on their interest and give you just 1% of the information, but traveling there will show you the other 99% of the country

to have good conversation topics at dinner

I was really shy as a kid and teenager, traveling open my mind and help me out to be more self confident and take lead in things I couldn´t do before. Once you traveled around the world, you will be able to compare daily life experiences with your travels and tell your friends and family what you learn from those adventures

to search what is unknown

Nowadays is really difficult to be the first one in that place, or be the first one who do this, but when you travel you don´t care about that; you feel that you are Indiana Jones discovering India or Cambodia for first time. It doesn´t matter how many people have already been there, then you see new places with your own eyes and for you, THIS is unknown and exotic.

to relax and have fun

Traveling is fun; you meet different and interesting people, you visit places you dreamt about and do stuff you usually don´t do at home. Traveling will relax your soul and make you happy.

to feel that you are not missing life

People nowadays are missing life so much; students are getting more degrees and some people are just possesed with this idea that you have to work 40 years to travel later. This is not my ideal of life; I want to travel and be able to mix it with my family and work life, because neither you or me want to regret in 20 years why we didn´t travel there when we had the chance to.

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