10 ways to save money for your travels


October 27, 2015

10 ways to save money for your travels

Saving money for your travels its different than saving for products or benefits. Saving money for traveling is saving money for living. Somentimes can be difficult and could take months or years, specially if you are an student like me. This year I saved over 10.000 USD for my dream trip and I will tell you 10 ways to earn some money for your dream adventure.

1. Take a part time job.

Its probably the one you heard a thousand times, but it´s the one that always works. Getting a part time job in a bar or a cafe is great, you can choose your work hours, it can be really fun and you can get extra tips for your service, but a job in a bar is not for everyone, so be creative, the world is your limit. I did a part time job as an assistant at college and I loved it.

2. Rent out some space.

You have an extra couch or an extra room. Rent your couch for some money. Travelers are looking for a place to stay and also save some cash. It can be also interesting to meet different people from different places.

3. Be an Ebay hacker.

Sometimes you find excelent offers on Ebay. Well, use those offers for your benefit and sell the product you buy a couple of days later earning a small profit. From vases to ipods, everything can found on Ebay for a good price.

4. Start tutoring your talent.

Tutoring doesn´t mean to be a math or physics prodigy. You can tutor what you better do. English, guitar, photography or tricks for videogames. Tutoring has no limits and there are so many things that you will definetely find something that fits for you.
Some time ago I saw an advertisement from someone offering his services teaching facebook. I´m sure someone contacted him at least once.

5. Sitter your neighbour´s kids/pets

Everyone has a neighbor with pets or small kids. Ask them if you can take care of them when they are out. It´s a great possibilty to make some money and at the same time study for your exams or just relax

6. Open a donation website

Opening a donation website is in my opinion a win/win situation. Although it´s really difficult to get some money from strangers, I think with the right idea it can be possible. But a donation website is perfect to show your adventure to friends and family. Sometimes you haven´t spoken with them for a while but they are happy to help you with some cash for your cause.

7. Sell some stuff you dont need anymore

How many things do you have at home that you don´t use anymore?. Well, take them out and sell them on the flea market or the internet. You will be surprise how much money you can make from things you forgot you had.

8. Complete surveys.

Walking on campus you can see offers to take a 30 min survey for 10 dollars. It´s not much, but little by little, one travels far is what people say.

9. Find odd jobs online

Check on the newspaper, there are so many small jobs during the weekend that you can do to earn some cash. Not only the newspaper is a good place to search, internet, friends or advertisements at the supermarket or at college.

10. Go out and try your best.

There are probably hundreds of different ways to make some cash to save for your travels and sometimes the only way to know what to do is just go out and try what you can do.

I hope this article helps you to get some ideas how you can save for your future adventure. I focused on ideas to save money that required no experience and anyone can do. See you next time.

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