Weird and Crazy real laws in Singapore

Craziest laws in Singapore

Singapore is known for having some of the weirdest and most bizzare laws in the world. These are 10 crazy and real laws in Singapore [Updated in 2024] I had the chance to live and go to university in Singapore. It was a place that fascinated me from the first time I arrived. Singapore is […]

10 Things to remember before backpacking for a long time

There is always a calm before the storm and if we are talking about backpacking, you should never relax and think you know you already packed everything. You should always recheck what you did and make lists of what you need, what you are taking and what you should take. Here is a list of […]

10 ways to save money for your travels

Saving money for your travels its different than saving for products or benefits. Saving money for traveling is saving money for living. Somentimes can be difficult and could take months or years, specially if you are an student like me. This year I saved over 10.000 USD for my dream trip and I will tell you […]