Road trip in the Caucasus – Tips for renting a car in Georgia


February 28, 2017

Road trip in the Caucasus – Tips for renting a car in Georgia

Good road conditions, cheap petrol prices and many scenic stops along the way, renting a car and going on a road trip in Georgia is an experience to not forget

If you want to see the most of this country, renting a car and going for a road trip in Georgia is the best idea. However, driving in Georgia is not like driving in Germany, France or the UK. Driving etiquette don’t apply or even exist. This is the first rule when planning a road trip in Georgia – Some call it adventurous, I would call it the beginning of a lifetime experience.

During my last trip in Georgia I went on a road trip around the country. In this article I will give you some of my tips on how to rent a car with the right company and plan your adventure in the Caucasus the best way possible.

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car rental-georgia-Road trip map of Georgia
Road trip map of Georgia – Click to open in full size

For this road trip we decided to get a vehicle in Kutaisi and pay extra to leave the car in Tbilisi’s airport. Round trips are also possible, but to the lack of time we decided to drive less and see more.

Here we will give you some simple tips on how to safe some money when planning to rent a car in Georgia and do a road trip in the country.

Before renting your car for Georgia

  • Compare vehicle prices on large websites and search machines. If you scroll down at this article, you will find my own search engine. Here is where I usually book the car I’m using for any road trip I’m planning.
  • Don’t book a vehicle without a good insurance policy. Traffic accidents in Georgia are more common than you think.
  • In cities like Tbilisi or Batumi you will see lots of advertising and rental companies offering cars to rent. However, get some information on the internet and book at trusted companies or websites.
  • Read the fine print in the insurance policies. Since traffic in Georgia is very chaotic, companies know the difficulties foreign drivers may experience and might include unwanted policies in their contracts without you noticing it.
  • Renting a car if you are traveling with more than 3 people is by far the best choice you can make. Pay for additional drivers and share the driving load.
Mtskheta on a road trip-georgia-renting-car
Stopping in the town of Mtskheta to take some photographs

Taking care of yourself on the road

  • It´s usual to see cars at 100 km/h in 60km/h zones. Always be careful and stay alert while driving.
  • If you are traveling in winter, consider renting a large car. It might be more expensive, but you will be able to reach some of the most interesting destinations in the country.
  • Avoid driving on the highways at night. Trucks come and go in both directions and many don´t respect the traffic rules.

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Highways in the Caucasus-Georgia-rent car
Highways in the Caucasus on a road trip in Georgia
  • There are small gas stations almost every 5km and larger stations every 10-15km. These places are great for getting food, drinks and use a toilet.
  • Download road maps from Google Maps before your trip.
  • Check the weather conditions of the places you plan to visit a day in advance (especially if you are driving in winter).
  • Parking in cities and near tourist attractions is not complicated or difficult at all. Parking fees are also relatively cheap.
  • Stop more often and enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer.
Signs along the highway in Georgia - renting-car-georgia
Renting a car in Georgia gave us the flexibility to stop almost everywhere

Planning to rent a car in Georgia?

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