Making the most of a 5-day trip to Iceland


June 30, 2016

Making the most of a 5-day trip to Iceland

Do you have less than a week in Iceland? From a bubble hotel in the Iceland wilderness to short trips at amazing waterfalls – we got you covered.

Volcanos and geysers with temperatures reaching over 100°C next to crystal blue glaciers. If there is a country where the impossible is possible and nature drastically shows us how small we really are, it is Iceland without doubt. However, if you are running short of time, some decisions have to be done. In 5 days, we visited waterfalls, saw glaciers, stayed in a bubble hotel in Iceland and we are going to tell you all about it.

There is no wonder Iceland catches the eye of travelers, photographers and nature lovers. Some of its landscapes seem taken from fairy tales, fantasy novels and even science fiction movies. Iceland is the place where nature makes our dreams come true, where a night becomes a concert of lights and a morning walk an adventure.

A land of waterfalls

Seljalandfoss, Skogafoss or Svartifoss. Don´t worry if you can´t pronounce them, because once you see them in real life, you will remember their names forever. Icelandic waterfalls are not only the dream location for photographers looking for a perfect shot, but have also been an inspiration for poets, writers and even architects.

With so many spectacular and diverse waterfalls all over the country, constant amazement and surprise will become the standard emotions accompanying you along your journey and there will be plenty of opportunity to reflect on how beautiful nature can be.

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If you visit the main hotspots at unusual hours, you might encounter landscapes completely empty
If you visit the main hotspots at unusual hours, you might encounter landscapes completely empty

Perfect isolated spots in the clear and sunny Icelandic summer nights and raw nature leave you feeling very small all of a sudden. Expect to see Europe’s biggest waterfall only a couple of hours away from the world’s most beautiful one.

A visit in Iceland would be definitely be incomplete without visiting some of these magnificent places.

Glamping in Iceland with style – in a bubble

Sleeping under the stars or being treated like one. Local guesthouses or camping are the most popular accommodations among travelers in Iceland. While guesthouses offer a very comfortable and at the same time local experience, camping is usually the most inexpensive option and the best choice for adventurers. I might say though: sleeping in a cozy tent next to the fire sounds like a wonderful plan for nature lovers, but cold winter nights can be a nightmare for some of us.

Of course, everything in Iceland somehow seems spectacular and your accommodation for the night doesn’t need to be the exception.

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Staying at a bubble hotel in Iceland was probably an experience I will never forget
Staying at a bubble hotel in Iceland was probably an experience I will never forget

With a great new concept Buubble offers actual bubbles for spending the night. A fantastic chance to live the childhood dream of a night under the stars without renouncing the luxury of a comfy mattress and cozy warmth! Simply imagine a night like that with northern lights!

  • prices for staying at the Bubble Hotel in Iceland start at 100 EUR per night.

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Exploring the land of ice and fire

One of the most exciting nature experiences in Iceland is probably walking on an Icelandic glacier. Not only because you know you are walking over a 15 m layer of ice created thousands of years ago by nature itself, but also because you are probably walking over volcanos at the same time! Iceland is known for its volcanic landscapes and blue glaciers, but not many people know how intertwined these two elements can be, as it is very common for a glacier to be covered with volcanic ashes. An amazing feeling, when you realize you are literally in the land of ice and fire.

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Visiting Iceland's biggest glacier in the heart of the country
Visiting Iceland’s biggest glacier in the heart of the country

Iceland is by far the most fantastical destination I have been to – a place, where science fiction becomes reality and landscapes I could only imagine in books and movies were right in front of my eyes. A destination, where sunlight warms us for 23 hours in summer, where winter skies become a stage for nature’s nightly light shows and where the four elements co-exist together in a paradise that simply looks like from another world.

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