Another 11 tattoos inspiring you to travel the world


February 28, 2016

Another 11 tattoos inspiring you to travel the world

Tattoos are forever. So if you want to get one, it should definitely be the thing you love the most

Tattoos remind us of memories, loved ones and experiences. It´s a symbol that represents your personality and passions. Over the past days I have been asking our readers to share some of their travel tattoos and to tell us the stories behind them. I got such a great response and recieved over 250 tattoos about travel.

I heard your stories, adventures and misadventures and I´m 100% sure that each one of YOU represents exactly what traveling is about: A passion and desire to see what is unknown and makes us feel alive

I fell in love with your tattoos and your stories; and in the next article I will show you some of the nicest, cutest and most interesting travel tattoos I recieved.

Let me show you another eleven of YOUR travel tattoos and get some inspiration to travel the world.

1. Love for traveling the world

Amie Hughes (@a_m_i_e_h) – Great Britain

Amie got her tattoo in England

2. A compass leading our feet to unknown destinations

Brooke Mclachlan (@brookemm997) – Australia

Brooke Mclachlan(Brookemm997) - Australia -Australia
Brooke got her tattoo in Australia

3. A world of nature where we are just a guest

Danielle Dunkley – Great Britain

Danielle Dunkley(@dannidunks) - England , Australia
Daniellle got her tattoo in Australia

4. Sailing to unexpected adventures

Josefina Mahr (@josy_118) – Germany

Josefina Mahr (Josy_118) - Germany- Australia
Josefina got her tattoo in Australia

5. A map reminding us to go out and search

Yvette Schwarz (@nostalgiasyndrom) – Germany

Yvette Schwarz(NostalgiaSyndrom) - Germany - Germany
Yvette got her tattoo in Germany

6. A reminder that traveling the world is not impossible

Erica Helms (@ericaahelmms) – United States

Erica Helms (@Ericahelmms) - USA- Belgium
Erica got her tattoo in Belgium

7. A passport stamp to remind us where we are from or where we are going

Kathryn Woelke (@kathryn_woelke) – United States

Kathryn Woelke (Kathryn_woelke) - USA- Switzerland
Kathryn got her tattoo in Switzerland

8. A unique way to see the world

Lauren Faith – Great Britain

Lauren Faith(@lastfiascountravel) England -Canada
Lauren got her tattoo in Canada

9. Your favorite country made of flowers 

Elena Clauß (@hermanachica) – Germany

Elena got her tattoo in Germany

10. An airplane next to our heart

Lea Roub (@lea_roub) – France

Léa Roub (@lea_roub) • France - Korea
Lea got her tattoo in Korea

11. A different way to see the world

Sophia Geyer (@sophiaelena) – Germany

Sophia Geyer (@sophiaelena) -Germany-Australia
Sophia got her tattoo in Australia

Did you miss our last article about travel tattoos? Don´t worry, check these 10 travel tattoos travelers will love and get some motivation to travel the world.

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