15 types of travelers you will meet in a hostel


October 28, 2015

15 types of travelers you will meet in a hostel

The first time I spend some nights in a hostel was in December 2010 for New Years Eve in Budapest and I was sure I wouldn´t be the last one.

With an atmosphere of friendship and adventure, budget hotels are becoming some of the most popular places for young backpackers traveling around the world. After traveling for more than 4 years, hostels became for me as well the first thing I check before arriving in a new city.

Hostels around the world are being known as places, where backpackers share their stories and meet new people. Of course, not everything is pink and in the next article you will find 15 types of travelers you will find in a hostel

1. The long-term traveler.

This guy has been traveling for months or sometimes even years and has no intention of stoping anytime soon. You will identify him for being careful with his budget and his travel activites. This type of traveler tends to spend more time in one location than the usual backpacker and prefers a nice conversation at the hostel over going out partying.

2. The overly prepared/overly cautious traveler.

He carries a big 60 l. backpack for the 9 days in Europe and probably has everything you won’t need in that part of the world at that time of the year. He also carries 6 locks for every possible opening of his bag and doesn´t trust the water they have at the restaurant at the corner, just because tap water in Sweden is not from the bottle.

Dog Backpack

3. The quiet traveler.

I think I have seen this kind of traveler every single time I stayed in a hostel. He is super quiet and likes to spend his time in his room reading a book or listening to music. He also refuses invitations from other travelers at the hostel and likes to stay for himself.

4. The “overly attached to smartphone” traveler.

He is that guy sitting next to the electricity plug and prefering to spend all the time at his cellphone or laptop rather than having a conversation with other travelers. Usually you first think he is having an important talk and that´s why he prefers to spend some time at his tablet, but when you take a closer look he is just watching the last episode of game of thrones. Be careful! This type of traveler is spreading all around the world and so far there is no cure for it.

giphy (5)

5. The annoying couple.

This type of traveler likes to book two beds in a dorm but use only one. They spend the whole time together and practically refuse the idea of meeting or spending time with other travelers. You will recognize them because no matter what time of the day you enter the dorm, these guys are in bed cuddling. Traveling with your partner is beautiful and fun, but if you want your privacy, why stay in a dorm sharing space with 10 other travelers?

6. The weekend traveler.

Most travelers can be that guy eventually (including myself). He spends his long weekend exploring the surroundings of his home town, so he lives close to the place he is traveling to. He likes to do as much sightseeing as he can, but also likes to explore the nightlife of the city. Usually he travels with his closest friends and those are good people to chat or drink a beer with.

7. The Lonely Planet guy.

You will see him arriving at the hostel with a Lonely Planet or Frommer book in his hands and he is usually from a western European country . He planned every detail of the trip three months ín advance and gets annoyed when a public bus in Bangkok never arrives. Still, this guy is really useful when you need to know something about the place you are or its surroundings. This guy knows everything!

8. The almost local.

This guy has stayed in that place for so long he knows everything about everything. You can recognize him as he’s the one everybody asks for directions, where to get food, the closest ATM, etc instead of asking some staff member.
They usually had big plans at the beginning of their travels but fell in love with a city and never left.

9. The German guy.

Germans are known for liking traveling a lot and during my travels I have been meeting them in places I never expected to meet one. If you are staying in a hostel there is always a big chance that there is a German in the same hostel, they are everywhere! Unfortunately they sometimes feel annoyed when they meet other Germans on their travels. Anyway I speak German, so I enjoy having a chat with them while traveling.

giphy (7)

10. The just-business traveler.

He is usually a graduate student or someone who just finished school and has a job interview or an entrance examination for something, but doesn’t have enough money for a private room at a hotel. He prefers to spend most of the time alone. Still he is open for a conversation or some card games, but he does not go out or does anything that could interfere with the plans that made him travel in the first place.

giphy (2)

11. The party-frat group.

These guys are usually from the same school or the same sports team and come to a new city for one reason only: getting drunk and partying every day. They usually are those guys waking you up when they arrive and making your dorm smell of beer. Luckily there are often so many of them they get a dorm for themselves.
They are usually a really closed group, so it´s not easy for other travelers to get involved and have fun with them.

giphy (1)

12. The alcoholic traveler.

There is always at least one of these guys in a hostel, no matter what time of the year and where you are. He is that guy that has some beers for breakfast at 11 in the morning and collects money from the other backpackers in the evening to buy a bottle of something. He should not be confused with the party-frat group as he prefers getting drunk at the hostel without going partying later.

giphy (6)

13. The sleepy traveler.

Oh yes, we all know this guy. When you wake up he is sleeping, when you arrive from your daily tour he is still in bed and before you go to bed he is already in his fifth dream. You might spot him getting food around midday sometimes and that´s the moment when you see his face for the first time and say hello.

14. The annoying traveler.

This guy thinks that traveling is a race and he is winning. You will recognize him because he is bragging around how many countries and places he knows. Usually this kind of traveler is very cocky and likes to tell you how overrated some places are or how the place you want to see is not “local” or “real” and you should go to that small town in the middle of nowhere that he only knows, because that´s where the real locals are. I think we have all met this guy at least once and nobody likes him. Next time you see him, tell him to stop please.

15. The know-everyone traveler.

Usually this guy is a well-traveled person or a long-time traveler. He is that guy that knows everyone in the hostel, the staff, the cleaning lady and the cook. Sometimes when a new backpacker arrives at the hostel he recognizes him, because they met 3 years before in a bar in Istanbul. He is that super social guy that has 3000 Facebook friends, you and me are probably his Facebook friends as well.

I love hostels. They show me that you don´t need to spend months with someone to bond and have good memories together. Some of my best travel experiences happened with people I met at a hostel along the way. I might not be in contact with them anymore but those memories will stay in my mind forever.

If you haven´t stayed in a hostel yet it´s time to go for it and do it. You might soon become a hostel lover just like me.

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