The ultimate packing list for a weekend traveler

A copy of your passport, an old ID card or a deck of cards. Do you have everything you need for a weekend trip? Weekend trips are the best to get away from your daily job and spend some nice time with your partner, friends or by yourself. From getaways around Europe with budget airlines […]

Breaking cities: How to travel in Berlin for under 30€ a day

  Berlin is now one of the most popular hotspots in Europe. With beautiful architecture, excellent nightlife and tons of cultural activities, the German capital has something for everyone. Berlin is also one of the cheapest capitals in Western Europe. If we compare the prices in Berlin with Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels, we will be […]

Breaking cities: How much costs a day in Paris

  Paris is a highlight in Europe and probably the biggest hotspot in the continent. Known for its very high prices and shopping culture, Paris might look terrifying for budget backpackers. However, with the right guide, Paris can be a wonderful city for your eyes and a great city for your pocket. Let me give […]