Which are the most beautiful waterfalls of Central America

Semuc Champey-most beautiful waterfall Guatemala-Central America

Overshadowed by political tensions and civil conflicts, Central America hides some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The very first time I visited Central America was while traveling by land from Texas to Panama back in 2018. I spent almost 3 months covering thousands of kilometers and basically rushing from hotspot to hotspot. […]

Pulhapanzak – Honduras’ mighty waterfalls

Pulhapanzak Waterfalls Honduras

In the search for the most beautiful cascades in the world, the Pulhapanzak waterfalls in Honduras might come quite close to the top spot With a water drop of 43 meters and surrounded by an outstanding natural scenery in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, the Pulhapanzak waterfalls in Honduras are considered […]

Rappelling Colombia’s secret waterfalls

rappeling waterfalls Colombia Melgar

Hidden deep into the dense tropical forest of Melgar – Colombia, I found more than a dozen waterfalls completely unexplored. “How many waterfalls are there in total?”, that was the first question I asked a local guide while securing the anchors before rappelling a single drop 80 meter tall waterfall in my home country, Colombia. […]