How to get your next travel inspiration

by Renae Schrader Have you ever seen one of those viral videos of a young 20-something hop-scotching their way from one tropical beach to the next? It seems like they have so much momentum behind them, so much vigor. And there you sit — in a rut. What do you do? Let me provide you […]

Visiting Northern Estonia´s hidden landscapes

The Lahemaa National Park is one of the most diverse nature conservation areas in the world. It´s simply amazing how much you can do visiting this park. When people think about traveling in Estonia, the first thing that comes to mind is a cold place in Eastern Europe or even not much information about it. […]

48 tips you should know before backpacking in South East Asia

Before your travels Check the visa requirements for your country in the countries you are traveling to. Start your travels in big cities. Check if an AirAsia ASEAN Pass fits your travels (This allows you to take 10/20 flights for 160/290 USD  within 30/60 days). South East Asia on a Shoestring from Lonely Planet is […]

24 signs you are in a relationship with traveling.

relationship with traveling

From talking too much about it to being just happy about it, these are some signs that you are in a relationship with traveling I remember the time a date became my girlfriend and I didn’t even notice it. We went out together almost every day, my parents knew all about it and all I […]

How to get to Cano Cristales – the rainbow river of Colombia

Are you planning to visit Cano Cristales. Here I tell you step by step how to get to this natural wonder in Colombia – independently or with an agency. There are only few places in the world, of which you only need to see a single picture to be captivated enough to instantly start planning […]

15 photos showing why El Nido and Coron are the ultimate beach destinations

el nido

Be it for adventure or relaxing, the beaches in El Nido are always a top choice to spend your holidays and in the next article I will show you 15 photographs to convince you of it. Which is your favourite destination? This is probably one of the questions I heard the most during my travels and […]

What happens when you lose your GoPro in the ocean and find it one month later?

This is probably one of your worst “travel nightmares”. You are having a gap year in Australia with your boyfriend and while you are surfing your GoPro gets lost underwater. Well, for Anna from Germany, this is exactly what happened. However, it gets better, the camera was found one month later and Anna made an awesome video with […]

Is my country the happiest country in the world, Again?

Photo source: el Heraldo Colombia sounds like a country with ups and downs. One day it’s travelers’ favourite country for backpacking and the next day it’s among the most dangerous countries for backpackers. Personally, as a Colombian residing abroad, I think there are so many different opinions, ideas and polls, that if you really want to […]

Can you recognize all these Mexican dishes

mexican food

  by Sofia Jimenez Anybody who has ever been to Mexico knows: one of the greatest things the country has to offer is the food. The variety is huge and there are so many colors and strong flavors, to me as a Mexican it´s definitely one of the things I love the most about my country […]