How good are you with airport codes?

  I love traveling more than anything in the world; it gives me the chance to experience new places, meet different people and see different cultures. Before starting a new adventure I meticulously choose where I want to travel on my next holiday. I spend more than half of the planning time just looking for […]

Can you match these Australian destinations with their photograph?

For most of us Australia is that country located on the other side of the world, a country seeming almost untouchable. However, with some great exchange programs, language courses and work&travel programs, Australia´s tourism is booming and now is the time to start your adventure in this incredible country. So, if you are looking for a […]

Can you recognize these Colombian breakfasts

Have you been traveling all around Colombia? We have a test for you: Are you able to recognize some of these Colombian breakfasts? As a Colombian who lives abroad I get often asked – What do I miss the most? – and without hesitation I like to say that I miss my Colombian breakfasts. Colombian […]