Visiting Northern Estonia´s hidden landscapes

The Lahemaa National Park is one of the most diverse nature conservation areas in the world. It´s simply amazing how much you can do visiting this park. When people think about traveling in Estonia, the first thing that comes to mind is a cold place in Eastern Europe or even not much information about it. […]

Tips for your first time in Las Vegas

Author: James Ruhle While The Strip is what brings people to Vegas, to begin with, the older part of the city off the glitzy tourist path is well worth a visit Vegas is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. If a bunch of overstressed and overworked Americans are going to build a […]

Is Croatia new favorite’s European destination?

Colorful waters, sandy beaches, scenic waterfalls and rich in history: Croatia is shows that you don´t need to travel to South East Asia or South America to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Croatia, like any other European country, has a bumpy and quite dark history. Conquered by the Romans […]

Savonia, a destination for healthy travel

Healthy, adventurous, fresh and sauna!! These are some of the words I think about, when somebody asks me about Finland. It was my first time in Finland, so I was especially excited about this destination and the new experiences I was going to make. I also knew it was going to be the first time […]

18 tips for traveling in Malta

Transportation around the island is slow. Rent a car and don´t waste time going from one place to another. Try different sports and activities. Malta is one of the best destinations in Europe for scuba diving, climbing and kayaking. Compare prices and services before booking an “around the island” tour. Respect the culture. Dress respectfully […]

A photo gallery of wild Iceland

ringroadiceland-Vatnajokull Glacier

Iceland is probably the place every nature lover wants to visit. In order to wake up your wanderlust, I prepared a gallery for you Iceland is in! This tiny island located between America and Europe is catching the attention of travelers and photographers all over the world. With beautiful scenic views, magnificent landscapes and some […]

48 tips you should know before backpacking in South East Asia

Before your travels Check the visa requirements for your country in the countries you are traveling to. Start your travels in big cities. Check if an AirAsia ASEAN Pass fits your travels (This allows you to take 10/20 flights for 160/290 USD  within 30/60 days). South East Asia on a Shoestring from Lonely Planet is […]

Breaking cities: How much costs a day in Istanbul

Istanbul has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. It´s the perfect mix of western and eastern culture. With a great nightlife, excellent food and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a sacred and holy country, Istanbul is a place you should see at least once in your […]