How do I collect car license plates from all over the world

Collect car license plates from all over the world

Some people collect postcards, others collect funny travel t-shirts. I collect car license plates from the places I go. It Christmas time 2011 and I was visiting Prague for the very first time. Just like any other backpacker in his early 20s, I was more interested in getting a immerse into the Czech nightlife than […]

Colombia’s hippo dilemma – a global issue with no clear solution

Colombia hippos dilemma – a global issue with no clear solution

Colombia is the only country in South America where wild hippos roam freely – something unnatural despite its large biodiversity. Whether it’s good or bad depends on who you ask. When drug kingpin and mass murderer Pablo Escobar died in 1993, not many people thought about the environmental footprint his extravagances would generate decades later: […]

Meet the man who solo kayaked the Atlantic Ocean – three times

Aleksander Doba solo kayaked the ocean

At the age of 70, Aleksander Doba became a legend with the kayak. He crossed the ocean three different times in one of these and spent several months completely alone  With a long grey beard, a big smile on the face and the looks of a pensioner on holiday, Aleksander Doba didn’t look like the […]

Why Frankfurt Airport might be the coolest airport in Europe


  Located in the heart of Europe and serving more than 1350 flights per day, Frankfurt Airport not only connects Europe to the rest of the world, but also is the perfect place to start your next trip within Europe. With four runaways, two main passenger terminals, where more than 105 different airlines operate, a […]

What happens when you lose your GoPro in the ocean and find it one month later?

This is probably one of your worst “travel nightmares”. You are having a gap year in Australia with your boyfriend and while you are surfing your GoPro gets lost underwater. Well, for Anna from Germany, this is exactly what happened. However, it gets better, the camera was found one month later and Anna made an awesome video with […]