5 extreme places you can visit and how to get there

Most unusual places on earth and how to get there - Uyuni in Bolivia

From the top of the world to natural depressions in Africa, these are the weirdest and most unusual natural wonders you can visit. While some seek sunny beaches and all-inclusive resorts, others like to live life on the wild side and come face to face with their fears whilst travelling. If the latter gets your […]

A Complete Guide to e-SIM Cards for Travelers

Helicopter ride in AlUla

Whether it’s a remote country in East Africa, Europe or the USA, e-SIM cards have become essential for any of my recent travels abroad. Let me give you my best tips on how you can maximize their potential too. Getting a SIM card after arriving in a new country is a routine for frequent travelers. […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to South Sudan

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to South Sudan

From obtaining a visa to planning the perfect itinerary, this travel guide provides all the essential information for your visit to South Sudan trouble-free. Venturing into South Sudan is not a typical travel experience. Located in the heart of East Africa, South Sudan is the world’s youngest country and, therefore, a place of strong contrasts […]

Smart Space-Saving Tips For Packing your Luggage

Author: Yanna Cerez Images: Giphy Are you having a hard time maximizing your luggage space? Efficient and organized packing will help you avoid paying expensive fees for extra weight, and enable you to save space for souvenirs. It’s also good to think about the type of vacation you are going on and how it may affect the […]