How to prepare yourself for traveling to a dangerous country

How to prepare yourself for traveling to a dangerous country

Are you concerned about security when planning your next trip? Don’t worry. With preparation and caution, every country can be easily traveled trouble-free. Nothing is more exciting than visiting a place you have not seen before – especially if it is located way off the beaten path. Even though not all places are equally accessible […]

How many blank passport pages do you need to travel to each country

How many blank passport pages do you need to travel to each country

Every country has different regulations on how many blank passport pages you need to travel. Either one, two, three, or more, here is a guide for each country in the world. After traveling over 105 countries with a Colombian passport, I mastered the art of managing passport pages and visas. I come from a country […]

Camera settings: How I photograph the milky way when traveling

Starry Night How to photograph the milky way Ethiopia

Photographing the dark sky always sounded very complicated. Here I will explain you the camera settings I use, so can photograph the milky way too. For anyone starting with a camera, photographing the milky way sounds like the final test before graduation. Well, once you know the camera settings you need for photographing the milky […]

Your Definitive Packing List for a Year (or more…)

by Sabrina Andrea Sachs So, you are finally ready to set off, embark on that train/plane/bus/boat/bicycle or feet that will take you away for a year or more and you are facing the tricky question of “What the heck shall I pack?” Packing for a weekend away or a short holiday can be difficult; packing […]

Do you know where these American landscapes are located?

  Oh America! What a great continent! And of course I´m not talking about America as a country, but America as a region. A place full of astonishing landscapes, amazing people and with one of the most diverse cultural backgrounds in human history. A region that consists of 55 countries (including some regions like Greenland and the […]

7 ways to save money while traveling in the United States

by: Aura Jimenez United States have deserts, mountains, snow peaks and many other landscapes to leave you speechless. For that reason it sounds crazy that a country with so many different places is not a hotspot for backpacking. I guess that big distances, relatively expensive prices and not such a big travel culture, makes a […]

How well do you know our travel culture?

  Did you know that there are more international departures from Germany than from the rest of the world? Found this very nice infograph about traveling and people around the world. With very useful information and statistics about traveling in general Rachel Swaby and Carl Bender made an amazing work   [spider_facebook id=”1″] [fbcomments]  

6 tips to get to know new place better

by Aura Jimenez I know there’s much more in a place than its main attractions. Of course, everybody loves visiting the centerpieces of a city, taking one or another selfie and posing like you are grabing the Eifel Tower in Paris with your fingers. However, for me, this just isn’t enough and if you prefer absorbing the culture […]

5 things you will miss during your exchange and 5 more you will miss back at home

Image by: Fernando de Sousa for flickt 1. Having long conversations with your friends at home about anything important Remember those conversations about who will be eaten by aliens first? Being in an exchange means meeting new people and new friends every day. At first this might sound very interesting and fun but there are […]

Can you recognize these traditional dishes from all around the world

  Tell me what you eat and I tell you where you have been. Food plays the most important role in our lifes. In average we eat over 300 kg of food per year and its preparation, origin and ingredients have also a big role when we decide if we consume it or not. Every […]