11 photos of Taiwan from a bird´s eye

Rice fields, coastline, forest, urban landscape and drones – 10 days in Taiwan showed me who diverse this country is. Last month I traveled to Taiwan to see the country from a completely new perspective and I´m not talking about a helicopter or an air balloon, but about cycling around the whole island. This experience […]

10 photos showing how magestic summer in Finland is

Quiet towns, fairy tale forests and long summer nights. Nothern Savonia is a place, where a short trip won´t be enough.  My stay in Kuopio was short, but incredibly beautiful. After testing some of the local delicacies, attending one of the biggest dance festivals in the country and enjoying some time with nature, it´s time […]

A photo gallery of wild Iceland

ringroadiceland-Vatnajokull Glacier

Iceland is probably the place every nature lover wants to visit. In order to wake up your wanderlust, I prepared a gallery for you Iceland is in! This tiny island located between America and Europe is catching the attention of travelers and photographers all over the world. With beautiful scenic views, magnificent landscapes and some […]

15 photos showing why El Nido and Coron are the ultimate beach destinations

el nido

Be it for adventure or relaxing, the beaches in El Nido are always a top choice to spend your holidays and in the next article I will show you 15 photographs to convince you of it. Which is your favourite destination? This is probably one of the questions I heard the most during my travels and […]

18 photographs showing the world from a bird´s eyes

  AirPano is a not-for-profit project created by a team of Russian photo enthusiasts focused on taking high-resolution aerial panoramic photographs. With 360° photographs, 360° videos and wonderful panoramic aereal videos, AirPano is showing the world from a perspective some of us could only imagine. I made a short copilation of some of the most interesting […]