Exploring the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana – A different type of safari

meerkats at Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana

Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans are desolate, vast, and for us, almost inhospitable. Still, wildlife survives, and it can be observed like in any other place on earth. When I though about visiting the largest salt flat area in the world, I never thought I would be able to see thousands of zebras, wildebeest and even elephants. […]

A year in photographs – 15 landscapes in 15 countries

15 landscapes in 15 countries Juan Martinez Photography - Travelers Buddy

From African savannas to futuristic cities. These are some of my best landscape photographs out of the 27 different countries I traveled to in 2019 2019 has gone so fast and after being on the road for an average of 20 days a month and having visited 27 countries in 5 different continents, I collected […]

A photo gallery of wild Iceland

ringroadiceland-Vatnajokull Glacier

Iceland is probably the place every nature lover wants to visit. In order to wake up your wanderlust, I prepared a gallery for you Iceland is in! This tiny island located between America and Europe is catching the attention of travelers and photographers all over the world. With beautiful scenic views, magnificent landscapes and some […]

Do you know where these American landscapes are located?

  Oh America! What a great continent! And of course I´m not talking about America as a country, but America as a region. A place full of astonishing landscapes, amazing people and with one of the most diverse cultural backgrounds in human history. A region that consists of 55 countries (including some regions like Greenland and the […]

7 ways to save money while traveling in the United States

by: Aura Jimenez United States have deserts, mountains, snow peaks and many other landscapes to leave you speechless. For that reason it sounds crazy that a country with so many different places is not a hotspot for backpacking. I guess that big distances, relatively expensive prices and not such a big travel culture, makes a […]

6 tips to get to know new place better

by Aura Jimenez I know there’s much more in a place than its main attractions. Of course, everybody loves visiting the centerpieces of a city, taking one or another selfie and posing like you are grabing the Eifel Tower in Paris with your fingers. However, for me, this just isn’t enough and if you prefer absorbing the culture […]

5 things you will miss during your exchange and 5 more you will miss back at home

Image by: Fernando de Sousa for flickt 1. Having long conversations with your friends at home about anything important Remember those conversations about who will be eaten by aliens first? Being in an exchange means meeting new people and new friends every day. At first this might sound very interesting and fun but there are […]

5 ways to be a traveler at home

 Coming back home after a long travel  isn´t sometimes a nice feeling. First you just want to go back on the road and then you will have the impression that everything at home is just boring and simple. However there are activities to keep these wanderlust feelings alive while reorganizing your life at home and […]