10 photos showing how magestic summer in Finland is

Quiet towns, fairy tale forests and long summer nights. Nothern Savonia is a place, where a short trip won´t be enough.  My stay in Kuopio was short, but incredibly beautiful. After testing some of the local delicacies, attending one of the biggest dance festivals in the country and enjoying some time with nature, it´s time […]

How Finnish food connects culture and nature

When was the last time the chef in a restaurant told you he himself had picked the herbs you were just eating in the forest that morning? I just came back from Kuopio in the region of Northern Savonia and I´m so impressed by how much effort the chefs in this region put into the […]

Savonia, a destination for healthy travel

Healthy, adventurous, fresh and sauna!! These are some of the words I think about, when somebody asks me about Finland. It was my first time in Finland, so I was especially excited about this destination and the new experiences I was going to make. I also knew it was going to be the first time […]