Camping in Wadi Rum – Visiting Jordan’s most iconic desert

Visiting and camping in Wadi rum

Are you thinking what to do in Wadi Rum during your next trip to Jordan?. Camping in Wadi Rum is inexpensive, easy and breathtaking. Gigantic rocks surrounding the red sand and two camels walking in the middle of the desert. Images like these are very common in Wadi Rum, one of the most beautiful places […]

I could enter Petra without paying entrance fee

Petra without entrance fee

We didn’t walk those four hours up to the Monastery and could enter Petra without paying entrance fee. Curiously, some locals were the ones taking us there. This was Petra’s back entrance When I read in an article the entrance fee in Petra is more expensive than Disneyworld, I wasn´t surprised at all. I mean, […]

Road trip in Jordan – Driving around canyons, deserts and the Dead Sea

Road trip in Petra and renting a car in Jordan

There is an inexplicable charm to driving around a country and my road trip in Jordan was no exception. I had always wanted to do a road trip in a middle eastern country and a road trip in Jordan was the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true. I find it fascinating to drive […]