How well do you know our travel culture?

  Did you know that there are more international departures from Germany than from the rest of the world? Found this very nice infograph about traveling and people around the world. With very useful information and statistics about traveling in general Rachel Swaby and Carl Bender made an amazing work   [spider_facebook id=”1″] [fbcomments]  

Travel Rudeness. What an a$$h0le are you while traveling.

travel quotes

I guess I will stop chatting with the passenger next to me! Travelocity made a very interesting poll about travel rudeness. From leaving the seats while the light is on at the plane, to bad hotel behaviour and chatty passengers, some of these activities are just common mistakes in our daily travel, but very rudeness […]

Famous city nicknames and the stories behind them

Famous city nicknames and the stories behind them

The big apple, the lion city or the city of love. How many famous city nicknames do you know? Justtheflight is a British company that finds the cheapest flight tickets on the market. Although their search engine is not my favorite for looking for flights, I compare their prices as well when looking for flight tickets. […]

These are the roots of modern languages

Where do modern languages come from and how are they divided? We found a graph that explains it more into detail Stand Still Stay Silent Comic is a webcomic, where the real life stories are presented with graphic elements from Nordic mythology. Some years ago they released a graph about languages families and the roots of […]

Tourist or Traveler? – which one are you

Tourist or Traveler? - which one are you

An eternal discussion in which there is no answer. Tourist or traveler? Which one are you? Forums and facebook groups talk all the time about this topic. What are you? A tourist or a traveler? I think this is a very large question and more complex than most people think. I found this set of […]

Arrival guide for the best view from the airplane

Best seat from an airplane

Skylines, coastlines, or iconic mountains. This infograph shows where you need to seat to get the best view from the airplane Each one of us dreams about the perfect view when landing in New York City or Paris. A clear view of the Eifel Tower or Manhattan skyline shining at night. However, catching the perfect […]