Road trip in Azerbaijan – Driving from Baku to the heart of the Caucasus  

Road Trip in Azerbaijan five finger mountain

Mud volcanoes, imposing mountains and out of this world scenery – a road trip in Azerbaijan is uncharted territory for most tourists, but an experience that brings you closer to nature. Azerbaijan is not the country most people would first point out for a road trip adventure. Driving in Baku can be a nightmare, finding […]

Khinaliq: Visiting Azerbaijan’s most isolated village

Khinalug, Khinalugh, Khinaliq or in some guidebooks even Xinaliq. Nobody is sure how to spell it and, in every book, map or blog it is written completely differently. This is just the first sign of how remote and untouched this community in Azerbaijan´s Greater Caucasus is. They even have their own language, traditions and culture. […]