Understanding Nova Scotia’s love for lobster (and 5 places to eat it)

Lobster in Nova Scotia - Travelers Buddy

Lobster rolls, lobster poutine or a classic lobster with butter. Nova Scotia’s love for this delicious crustacean is visible everywhere you go. When Nova Scotian Pam Wamback told me that I would be able to find lobster every day while traveling around Nova Scotia, she was not joking. Nova Scotia is not only known for […]

Road trip in Nova Scotia: Driving along the South Shore

White Point Road trip in Nova Scotia

Mild days, nature getaways and clear skies. We drove along the South Shore of Nova Scotia and this is what we found: A road trip in Nova Scotia is the best way to discover a region full of natural wonders, delicious cuisine and rich history. We went along the famous Lighthouse Route at the South […]

Climate change is transforming the future of wine

Climate change is transforming the future of wine

With temperatures rising in the past years, climate change has been affecting the wine industry with positive and negative effects. I visited Nova Scotia and found out more about it. With evidence going back to 7000 BC, wine production is probably one of the oldest traditions in human history. Today, winemakers are fluctuating drastically due […]

5 things you will miss during your exchange and 5 more you will miss back at home

Image by: Fernando de Sousa for flickt 1. Having long conversations with your friends at home about anything important Remember those conversations about who will be eaten by aliens first? Being in an exchange means meeting new people and new friends every day. At first this might sound very interesting and fun but there are […]

5 ways to be a traveler at home

 Coming back home after a long travel  isn´t sometimes a nice feeling. First you just want to go back on the road and then you will have the impression that everything at home is just boring and simple. However there are activities to keep these wanderlust feelings alive while reorganizing your life at home and […]