Best Things to Do in Saint Lucia


June 26, 2024

Best Things to Do in Saint Lucia

These top activities and hidden gems in Saint Lucia, an island where adventure meets beauty and every corner offers a unique experience.

When I first arrived into Saint Lucia, I was immediately captivated by the  beauty and charm of the island. I had seen countless photographs of Saint Lucia, and yet the reality was even more stunning.

This is a true paradise that seamlessly blends breathtaking landscapes with thrilling adventures. From postcard-perfect beaches to lush rainforests, this island has something for everyone.

Saint Lucia exceeded all my expectations. Its vibrant culture, untouched nature, and diverse activities made my trip unforgettable. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone seeking relaxation, Saint Lucia caters to all types of travelers.

Here are the best things to do on this magical island, based on my 10 days traveling around the island.

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The mix of beaches and nature in Saint Lucia makes it a paradise island
The mix of beaches and nature in Saint Lucia makes it a paradise island

Climb the Pitons

The best activity for hiking lovers

The Pitons, Gros Piton and Petit Piton, are iconic landmarks in Saint Lucia and offer one of the most rewarding hiking experiences in the Caribbean. Climbing these majestic peaks requires a good level of fitness and preparation. The trails are steep and challenging, especially the climb to the summit of Gros Piton. The views from the top, however, are absolutely worth the effort, offering panoramic vistas of the island and the Caribbean Sea.

While the path is very clear and easy to follow, it is obligatory to hire a local guide. According to the tourism office, they are there to ensure safety and share the story of the island. Unfortunately, it seems to be a not very well paid job and the guides don’t put any effort in their job – making it my only black dot in Saint Lucia.

Don’t forget. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sturdy hiking shoes. Start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. The climb was physically demanding but immensely rewarding. The view from the top was one of the most breathtaking panoramas I’ve ever seen.

  • Booking: You can book guided tours through several local agencies like Real St. Lucia Tours or St. Lucia Travel and Tours. Prices range from $70 to $90 USD per person. You can also drive by yourself and get one of the local guides for $25 USD.
  • Duration: The hike typically takes 4-5 hours round trip.

You can book a tour to the Pitons here

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This is the view from one of the stops at the Piton climb
This is the view from one of the stops at the Piton climb.

Go Beach Hunting

The best activity for those who need a relaxing day

Saint Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Each beach has its own unique charm, from bustling tourist hotspots to secluded stretches of sand. These are some of my recommendations:

Anse Chastanet Beach

Known for its stunning white and black sand and crystal-clear waters, this beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving. However, it can get quite crowded, especially during peak tourist season. Despite the crowds, the underwater life here is vibrant and worth exploring.

Sugar Beach

Nestled between the Pitons, this beach offers a spectacular backdrop for a day of relaxation. The sand is soft and white, and the water is calm, making it ideal for swimming. The contrast between the white sand and the lush greenery of the Pitons is truly mesmerizing. This is the photo you will find when you google Saint Lucia and the views in real life are even better.

Reduit Beach

Located near the tourist hub of Rodney Bay, this beach is long and spacious with plenty of amenities. It’s great for water sports or simply lounging under a palm tree. It’s a lively beach with lots of activities, but still retains a laid-back Caribbean vibe. I loved the balance of having beach bars and restaurants nearby, while still being able to find a quiet spot to relax.

Balenbouche Estate Beach

This secluded black sand beach was one of my favorites. I spent two nights here, enjoying the solitude and the beauty of the black sand beach almost entirely to myself. Perfect for those seeking tranquility away from the tourist crowds. The feeling of having this stunning beach all to myself was magical. It was the perfect place to unwind and reflect.

Balenbouche Estate Beach
The black sand at the Balenbouche Estate Beach

Find a Favorite Waterfall

The best activity for those who need more nature in their lives

Saint Lucia is dotted with waterfalls, each offering a unique charm and atmosphere. Exploring these natural wonders was one of my favorite activities I like to do in a tropical country and here are some of the best waterfalls in Saint Lucia.

Diamond Falls

Located in the Diamond Botanical Gardens, this waterfall is famous for its vibrant colors caused by mineral deposits. The colors of the waterfall are mesmerizing, and the botanical gardens are a peaceful retreat. Walking through the gardens, I felt a deep sense of peace and appreciation for the natural beauty around me.

  • Location: Diamond Falls
  • Booking: Entry to the gardens and falls is around $7 USD.

Toraille Waterfall

This 50-foot waterfall offers a refreshing natural shower. There’s also a lovely garden surrounding the falls. Standing under the waterfall was incredibly refreshing, especially after a hot day. The power of the water was invigorating, and I left feeling revitalized.

Superman Waterfall

Named after the famous movie scene filmed there, this waterfall is quiet and less crowded. It’s the perfect place to relax and take a refreshing dip. The tranquility of this spot made it one of my favorites. The peaceful surroundings and the gentle flow of the water created a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

La Tille Waterfall

Located on the east coast, this waterfall is surrounded by lush gardens. It’s less touristy and offers a more intimate experience.

Enbas Saut Waterfall

This hidden gem is located within the Edmund Rainforest. The hike through the rainforest was challenging but the reward of the secluded waterfall made it worthwhile. The sense of adventure and the stunning scenery along the way can make this location a highlight of any trip.

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this is the superman waterfall in Saint Lucia
this is the superman waterfall in Saint Lucia

Go on an ATV Tour

The best activity for those who love a good thrill

For those seeking a bit of adventure, an ATV tour is a must. This was one of the most exciting activities I did on the island. The rugged terrain and scenic routes made for an exhilarating experience. The thrill of driving through Saint Lucia’s forests and rivers (yes, rivers!!) on an ATV was unmatched. It’s a great way to see parts of the island that are off the beaten path.

  • Booking: I booked my tour through Jungle Tours, which offers several packages starting at $120 USD (€100 EUR).
  • Duration: Tours typically last 3-4 hours.

Book here an ATV Tour in Saint Lucia at the best price

ATV Tour in Saint Lucia
Driving though a river was one of the coolest things to do at the ATV Tour in Saint Lucia

Explore the Marine Life While Diving or Snorkeling

The best activity for underwater lovers

Saint Lucia’s underwater world is just as captivating as its landscapes. The island offers fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities, particularly around the reefs of Anse Chastanet and Anse Cochon.

Anse Chastanet

This beach is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snorkeling and diving here are highly recommended. The underwater life here is vibrant and teeming with tropical fish, making it a snorkeler’s paradise.

  • Location: Anse Chastanet
  • Booking: Scuba St. Lucia offers snorkeling and diving packages starting at $50 USD for snorkeling and $120 USD for diving.

Anse Cochon

Another great spot for snorkeling, with clear waters and an abundance of sea life. The clarity of the water and the diversity of marine life were outstanding. Snorkeling here felt like swimming in a vibrant, colorful underwater garden.

  • Location: Anse Cochon
  • Booking: Ti Kaye Resort & Spa offers snorkeling and diving excursions starting at $40 USD.

Pigeon Island National Park

The waters around Pigeon Island offer excellent snorkeling opportunities, with plenty of fish and even some shipwrecks to explore. Exploring the shipwrecks was a unique experience. The combination of historical artifacts and natural beauty make this a memorable snorkeling spot.

Marine Reserve at Soufrière

This protected area is a hotspot for diving, with its rich biodiversity and underwater volcanic formations. The volcanic formations and the abundance of marine life make every dive an adventure.

Compare here snorkeling and diving tours in Saint Lucia

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Snorkeling in Saint Lucia
Snorkeling in Saint Lucia is very popular for travelers of all ages.

Jungle Biking at Anse Mamin

The best activity for those who like to stay active

Mountain biking in Saint Lucia offers a unique way to explore the island’s rugged terrain. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip.

Located near Anse Chastanet, this area offers a variety of trails for different skill levels.

The trails are exciting and the scenery is breathtaking. The trails were challenging but exhilarating. After the ride, I relaxed at Anse Chastanet beach, making it a perfect day of adventure and relaxation.

  • Location: Anse Mamin Jungle Biking (Do it also at the Anse Chastanet Hotel)
  • Booking: Starting at $40 USD.
  • Duration: Tours last about 2 hours.
Mountain Biking In Saint Lucia
Mountain Biking In Saint Lucia

Traverse the Forest on a Zipline

The best activity for those who love heights

Soaring above the treetops on a zipline is an exhilarating way to see Saint Lucia’s lush rainforests. Rainforest Adventures offers some of the best ziplining experiences on the island. The thrill of ziplining through the rainforest was unforgettable. The views from above were stunning, and the experience was both safe and exhilarating. Rainforest Adventures also offers other activities like aerial trams and nature trails, making it a great destination for adventure seekers.

  • Location: Rainforest Adventures
  • Booking: Tours start at $75 USD and can be booked through their website.
  • Duration: Tours last about 2-3 hours.

Compare here Zip-Lining Tours in Saint Lucia

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zipline in Saint Lucia
The zipline in Saint Lucia is quite long and its a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Find the Best Viewpoint of the Island

The best activity for those road tripping the island

Saint Lucia offers numerous stunning viewpoints where you can take in the island’s beauty. Here are five popular viewpoints worth visiting:

Tet Paul Nature Trail

This trail offers some of the best views of the Pitons and the surrounding area. The hike is relatively easy and suitable for all fitness levels.

Pigeon Island National Park

This historical park offers stunning views of the northern coast of Saint Lucia and the nearby island of Martinique.

Morne Fortune

Located near Castries, this viewpoint offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. It’s a great spot for photography.

Moule a Chique

Located at the southern tip of the island, this viewpoint offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Vieux Fort.

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View room at Jade Mountain Saint Lucia
My favorite viewpoint was from my room at Jade Mountain. Unfortunately a room here starts at 2000 USD per night.

Eat a Fancy Meal with the Best View

The best activity for a romantic evening.

One of the highlights of my trip was a sunset dinner at Jade Mountain in Anse Chastanet. This luxurious hotel offers stunning views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. The combination of gourmet food, stunning views, and a serene atmosphere made this a perfect way to end a day of adventure. Watching the sunset over the Pitons while enjoying a delicious meal was a magical experience.

  • Location: Jade Mountain
  • Booking: Make reservations through the hotel’s website. Prices for a sunset dinner start at $100 USD per person.
Here is a lunch at the restaurant in Jade Mountain
Here is a lunch at the restaurant in Jade Mountain

Cities and Nightlife

The best activity for those without a car and small budgets

Even though cities and nightlife are not on top of my list when it comes to the Caribbean, they show how local life is and many cultural aspects of a country. Most of these activities are free and they do not require you to move too much – making it accessible to those who do not have a car and can’t spend much money hiring a guide and a driver every day.

Gros Islet Friday Night Party

This weekly street party is a vibrant celebration with music, dancing, and local food. It’s a lively event that’s worth experiencing if you’re in the area. The energy and vibe of this street party are infectious. It’s a great way to experience local culture and enjoy some fantastic food and music. However, if your time is limited, there are other activities that might be more rewarding.

Castries Market

A bustling market where you can find local produce, crafts, and souvenirs. It’s a great place to experience the hustle and bustle of local life. It’s similar to other markets in the Caribbean but still worth a visit if you enjoy exploring local culture. The variety of goods and the vibrant atmosphere make it an interesting stop.

Castries Tour

Take a guided tour to explore the capital city’s historical sites and vibrant streets. It’s an interesting way to learn about the island’s history and culture. The tour was informative and offered a great insight into the island’s history and culture. Walking through the streets of Castries and visiting historical sites was a fascinating experience.

If you want to book part of your trip in advance, you can book a tour using Viator or Get Your Guide. These are the two largest companies now for tour bookings and I totally recommend it.

View of the market in Castries
View of the market in Castries




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