Tip of the day – How to spend each evening of the week in Berlin


September 14, 2021

Tip of the day – How to spend each evening of the week in Berlin

Known as one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Berlin is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. What to do and where to go is what I’m going to tell you now

I’ve been living in Berlin for the past 4 years and I can’t recall how many times I had trouble finding something to do when a new friend came by. Not because of lack of activities to do or amount places to visit, but due to the overwhelming variety and options. And while Berlin during the day has endless things to offer, for most travelers once the sun goes down, Berlin is just for clubbing or drinking.

Forget the traditional tours, museums or techno clubs. Here I show you seven different local things to do in Berlin on the evening for each day of the week.


Relax at the thermal baths at Liquidrom

Closest station (U1, U3, U7 Möckernbrücke)

Including several saunas, an ice tub, several external and internal pools, as well a flotation room with music, the thermal bath at Liquidrom is probably the most peaceful activity you can do in Berlin.  

It is perfect for disconnecting and simply start your week with the right foot and even though Liquidrom is open every day of the week, Monday is perfect due to its low volume of guest and relaxing atmosphere.

NOTE: Check out the Liquidrom website for music events several times a month. From guitar sessions to mixed house or classical. This is a must in Berlin after an stressful day

Liquidrom in Berlin from outside
Relax your body and mind at Liquidrom in Berlin#


Jazzed up jam sessions at Zig Zag Club

Closest station (U4 Innsbrucker Platz)

Located in the charming district of Schöneberg, the Zig Zag Club is one of these hidden gems only locals know about. Here, every Tuesday, a short concert by Israeli musician Uri Gincel and his band warms up the night.

Later, in a New York style jam session, professional and semi-professional drummers, saxophonists and pianists from different backgrounds play for the first time together. The energy of the musicians in combination with their improvising skills make each concert so different and unique, that you can easily experience something new each time you drop by.  

NOTE: Lately, there is an entrance fee of 15 EUR for the Tuesday session which includes two drinks – in my opinion, one of the best deals in the city.

Jam Session at Zig Zag Club in Berlin
Enjoy the Jam Session at Zig Zag Club in Berlin


Standup comedy shows at several locations around the city

Comedy shows have become extremely popular in the past years. They tackle daily issues, are fun and can distract you from any problems and situations you are at home.  

Either you visit the After Work Standup Comedy in Friedrichshain or Gorilla Comedy at Prenzlauer Berg  (only in German), some laughs will be guaranteed.

While comedy shows seem to be kind of a Wednesday thing in Berlin, you can also find other shows along the rest of the week.

Laughs at the comedy show in Berlin
Get funny on a Wednesday at the comedy nights in Berlin


Street Food Thursday at Markhalle Neun

Closest station (U1, U3 Görlitzer Bahnhof)

Probably being the most touristy activity in the whole list, the Street Food Thursday in Markhalle Neun got a spot here for having the best of international cuisine in a single place. Expect to see food stalls with Peruvian ceviche next to Japanese okonomiyaki or Sudanese pitas.

In addition to the Street Food Thursday, the location also runs several food events like the Annual Coffee Festival, as well is a farmers market any other day of the week. Still, nothing compares to the atmosphere and mixture of flavours that you would find on a Thursday night.

NOTE: Street Food Thursday is not taking place due to the Coronavirus until further notice.  

Evenings in Berlin at the Markhalle Neun
Explore world cuisine at the Markhalle Neun in Berlin


Karaoke at the Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Closest station (U1, U3 Warschauer Straße)

There are karaoke places everywhere in the city, but there is nothing compared to Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. This epic bar has won the hearts of Berliners and visitors with its energetic atmosphere and fun for anyone.

No matter if you are here to become a next pop idol or simply enjoy a drink while singing along one hit wonders, fun and excitement are always going to be present.

While the Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke is open almost every night of the week, nothing compares to the crowd of a Friday.  

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Get wild with the Karaoke nights in Berlin
Get wild with the Karaoke nights in Berlin


Night market and Beach Bar at YAAM

Closest station (Ostbahnhof)

Either you go for a bite, enjoy a beer or to listen some music, YAAM is one of these places for an evening in Berlin, that simply disconnects you from the city and transports you to something new and different.

This African themed outdoor bar/club/beach area has not only a large variety of street food stalls from West Africa, but also offers you African beers at the bar, has several shops offering Sub-saharan products and is even a nice spot to see some street art.

But that’s not all! Once the sun goes down, enjoy its cozy beach bar atmosphere next to the spree or get loose at any of its cumbia, dancehall or reggae concerts.

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Try something new at YAAM
Try something new at YAAM in Berlin


Trivia Night at Ratzeputz Bar

Closest station (U7 Rathaus Neukölln)

No matter if you come here to fully commit and test your knowledge or if you simply want to share a drink with new people while answering some questions, the Trivia Night at Ratzeputz in Neukölln offers a the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement anyone would love on a Sunday night.

Enjoy an evening in Berlin full of laughs, new friends and great music, while teams try to get the free shots the quizmaster offers for answering bizarre questions about general knowledge you probably never heard before.

Entrance for the trivia night is 1 EUR per person and the jackpot if you win can be up to 300 EUR if you are lucky enough.

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Meet new people in a pub quiz night
Meet new people in a pub quiz evening in Berlin

Want more?

Curious for another plan to do on an evening in Berlin?

One of the most bizzare, but extremely funny activities you can do in Berlin is the Porno Karaoke at Toast Hawaii Bar. Yes, exactly. At the monthly Porno Karaoke in Prenzlauer Berg one hit wonders turn into 70’s x-rated movies, where Berliners can be as creative or as loud as they want.

Unfortunately the Porno Karaoke at Toast Hawaii Bar has been cancelled until further notice due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, check out the Toast Hawaii Bar website if something changes.

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