Eating my way through Philadelphia’s cuisine


August 30, 2019

Eating my way through Philadelphia’s cuisine

Going to Philadelphia for food tours means opening up to a whole new world. Once you start with a delicious cheesesteak, you will realize this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I had so many food tours in Philadelphia, I went on a diet once I returned to Germany. This city is not only home for some of the most iconic culinary delicacies in America, but also for traditional farmers markets, food trucks with bites from all over the world and excellent fine dining. In simple words: the Philadelphian food scene is a highlight you should not miss.

Eating my way through the modern and traditional cuisine of Philadelphia - During Sommer outdoor bars and restaurants are very popular all over the city.
During Sommer outdoor bars and restaurants are very popular all over the city

For me, the quest in experiencing Philadelphia´s cuisine started with a drink, as I visited Philadelphia Distilling. This local distillery in the colorful Fishtown neighborhood is the first craft distillery to open in Pennsylvania since Prohibition and an excellent place to taste modern and traditional cocktails, as well learn more about gin´s history in America.

Although Bluecoat American Dry Gin is Philadelphia Distilling´s signature drink, gin lovers will delight themselves when tasting Philadelphia Distilling’s unique blends. Moreover, visitors can also do a tasting tour and get a first hand look behind the scenes – of course, a round of gin is included.

Philadelphia Distilling was not the only place I visited in Fishtown; At this vibrant and newly gentrified neighborhood I came across an excellent variety of bars, restaurants, live music areas and art galleries. Fishtown is a very popular place for locals to go for a drink and definitely an area to get out of the daily routine.

Main area at Philadelphia Distilling
Main area at Philadelphia Distilling – Tours around the distillery are available in their official website

Best craft breweries in Philadelphia

  • Yards Brewing
  • Evil Genius Beer
  • Dock Street Brewery
  • 2nd Story Brewing

Inside Tip: While some breweries offer food and beer tours to their visitors, others are simply too small to do it. In case you want to learn more about a certain brewery or a craft beer you liked, simply drop by and ask. Breweries are always happy to get new fans and teach them about their brewing culture and representative style

Markets and more markets

Fishtown is the new cool area for eating, but food markets still own the crown when it comes to food. Locals and visitors love them. At the same time, you can spend hours wandering around the different kinds of food stands:  From the historical food markets, Reading Terminal Market and the Italian, to the recently opened modern food hall, The Bourse, Philadelphia´s cuisine has to be explored here.

I went first to The Bourse, a former stock exchange house now turned into a food hall and located in the heart of the old city. Here I got the chance to experience the future in Philadelphian cuisine. More specifically, I found dishes from all other the world with a local Philly twist: Interesting ideas like the artisan grilled sandwiches at Mighty Melt or Korean/Mexican fusion at Takorean are good examples of new mouthwatering food combinations coming up and how Philadelphia´s contemporary cuisine is developing.

Insider Tip: There are several food tours in Philadelphia visiting the Reading Terminal Market. This is a great chance to learn more about the culture and try new dishes.

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The Bourse food hall in Philadelphia- food tours in Philadelphia
The Bourse food hall in Philadelphia

Once I explored the new cuisine, I had to go for the classics. The Reading Market is one of the most emblematic markets in the United Stated and an obligatory stop for all travelers. Colorful neon signs presenting dishes from all over the world, local vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables and appealing smells in every corner makes Reading Market a large congregation for food lovers, in which all of us are invited.

Best food markets to eat street food in Philadelphia

  • Reading Terminal Market
  • The Bourse food court
  • 9th Street Italian Market
  • Headhouse Farmers’ Market

The new Philadelphian cuisine

Of course, I couldn´t leave Philadelphia without trying its representative dish, the cheesesteak, and although Geno´s and Pat’s Steaks are the legends in the field, there are many different new locations, in which the traditional cheesesteak gets done in a more personal and unique style. Curious travelers can even find in modern food joints offering weird combinations like a cheesesteak donut or even a cheesesteak lasagna.

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Cheseesteak with its three traditional ingrendients: meat, onion and cheez whiz
Cheseesteak with its three traditional ingrendients: meat, onion and cheez whiz

Philadelphia´s multicultural heritage has also brought some exotic dishes to this part of the world and while Asian, Italian and Mexican dominate the city, locals are slowly finding an appeal in more unusual cuisines like Ethiopian or Vietnamese. However, most of these restaurants recreate traditional recipes adding their own signature taste while using regional products or flavors from other cuisines.

Although this practice is more common in food trucks or street food stands at food halls, fine dining restaurants in the city are taking a leap too – The Moshulu, a large four-masted Tall Ship turned into a restaurant at the Delaware river, offers interesting combinations of flavor in a fine dining style as well beautiful views for a drink in the evening.

Best places to get a drink and relax in Philadelphia

  • Spruce Street Harbor Park
  • Bank & Bourbon
Hammocks at the Spruce Street Harbor Park. - food tours in Philadelphia
Hammocks at the Spruce Street Harbor Park.

After so much food, I felt I deserved a hammock and a cold drink. For my luck, the Spruce Street Harbor Park offered the treat I was looking for. This is not only Philadelphia´s best beer garden, but a whole new relaxing experience. Visitors and locals come here to chill in the numerous hammocks located all over the park and meet old and new friends while chatting with a Yards beer in their hands.

This city knows its cuisine and with food tours running all over Philadelphia, there is a lot to discover. From the tasty street tacos at South Philly Barbacoa to Talula’s Garden´s Italian recipes, the city is growing up in flavors every single day. This is not the usual melting pot in cuisine, but a unique new glocal cuisine that made me want to stay longer and see the whole iceberg.

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Fine dining is still the most popular way to finish an evening
Fine dining is still the most popular way to finish an evening

Photos: courtesy of Discover PHL




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