Mondrian Doha: Qatar’s most surreal masterpiece


January 9, 2019

Mondrian Doha: Qatar’s most surreal masterpiece

I visited the Mondrian Hotel in Doha to find out that this hotel definitely takes you out of routine. This is probably the most surreal hotel in the world

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to be part of Alice’s Wonderland, the Mondrian Hotel in Doha which gives you the whole experience.

Although I stay in hotels all over the world for a large part of the year, I can´t remember the last time I wrote an article about one. I don´t have anything against them, but I rarely stayed at a place which completely took me out of my routine and transported me to another world. Well, The Mondrian Hotel in Doha did just that!

Mondrian Doha Qatar design
Architecture company SBE designed the exterior of the hotel with the shape of a falcon

A pearl at the gateway to The Pearl

Doha is not at all a boring city when it comes to design. With new unconventional buildings rising up every

week, it is common to see hotels and luxury constructions with exotic and extravagant shapes. Qatar is full of contemporary architecture and architects from all over the world feel attracted to this city which allows them to realize their wildest dreams.

The city itself transports you to the future, as artificial islands like The Pearl create a landscape like from another world and futuristic skyscrapers all over the city make you feel like you are in a galactic city of the Star Wars universe.

In a place with such an extraordinary love for futurism and design, architects are pushed to create masterpieces. This is what happened with the Mondrian Doha, a 5-star luxury hotel located next to the Zig Zag towers and on the gateway to The Pearl. This building was designed by Dutch artist Marcel Wanders and it´s a surprise in a city full of surprises.

The falcon shaped exterior of the hotel simply suits Doha´s landscape, as this 24-storey skyscraper rises with one of the most exotic designs in the Persian Gulf. However, it is its interior design that makes this place so particular. Every single room and facility of the hotel is a special world in itself. From the completely ivory white main lobby, the glamorous and stylish restaurants or the bizarre swimming pool area, which is considered one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

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Lobby at the Mondrian Doha in Qatar
The surrealistic main lobby of the hotel can be considered a piece of art itself

A visit to a fantasy world

“The Mondrian Hotel in Doha is a place of fantasy” Wanders said in an interview. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, he wanted to create his own unique world, which takes visitors out of the normal experience and makes their stay as incredible as the city of Doha itself.

Wandering around the different facilities of this masterpiece, I was constantly curious what kind of incredible room was going to coming next. The Mondrian Doha completely took me out of my daily routine and for a price of around 120 EUR per night this is a place I can definitely consider for another visit without breaking my budget.

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Magnolia Bakery at the Mondrian Doha in Qatar
The Magnolia Bakery in the ground floor can be visited by anyone looking for a good cupcake and coffee

Tip: Did you already book another accommodation in Doha? Don´t worry, just come by and take a look in the main lobby, get a coffee at the Magnolia Bakery on the ground floor or have dinner at the hotel restaurants Cut or Walima. This will give you a glimpse of what it feels like to go down the rabbit hole.

Like the Infinity Pool as the symbol of Singapore´s Marina Bay Sands and the majestic main lobby of the Plaza Hotel in New York attracting visitors from all over the world, the Mondrian Doha should be considered a piece of art in itself, which every visitor in Doha should give a look.

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Swimming pool mondrian doha in Qatar
The swimming pool of the hotel is considered one of the most beautiful pools in the world

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