Malta’s Autumn seems like the rest of Europe’s Summer


December 20, 2018

Malta’s Autumn seems like the rest of Europe’s Summer

There is a place in Europe in which is Summer almost all year long

The tiny island of Malta is a country which brings me incredible memories. I first visited the country in Summer 2016 and I was simply amazed by the rich history, charming cities and dazzling landscapes it has to offer. Not counting the vibrant nightlife this place is famous for. However, most of Europe is especially beautiful in summer and this atmosphere I encountered in Malta, I could have easily found on many Greek islands, Ibiza or in Italy. The beauty of Valletta fascinated me, still I wasn´t sure if this place would remain as magical once the summer sun was gone.

This year I came back in autumn. I wanted to revive that amazing week I had some years ago and see some of the beautiful places I hadn´t had the chance to see during my last visit. I was excited, however, a small part of me though it was not going to be the same. I was traveling with different people, I was staying in different places and most importantly, I was flying to Malta, when the temperatures in Europe were already getting lower.

More alive than ever

Elephant Rock Malta in Autumm
The Mediterranean landscapes of Malta

Just minutes before landing memories of my previous journey were brought back by the views from my window. The blue and green tones of water while passing Gozo, the tiny and gorgeous island of Comino, which from the airplane looked like small seeds and the Mediterranean landscapes on Malta. When I stepped out of the plane the fresh warm air in my face brought me back to summer, which for me in Germany was already gone.

The traffic was chaotic, the streets were crowded and the Summer vibes were back on. Unlike the many summer destinations that are completely deserted as soon as temperatures drop, Malta seemed to be more alive than any other place in Europe. It was exactly like the first time I went there in Summer.

Check out my tips for malta in Summer. I´m sure there is something for you!

More cultural than ever

A visit to Malta is not complete without getting lost in two of the most enchanting places in the world: The silent city of Mdina and Valletta.

Mdina is a journey to the past, as its narrow cobblestoned streets in medieval and baroque style transport you to a simpler life. At dawn cruise visitors leave Malta and the atmosphere of Mdina changes completely. The city becomes quiet and calm. A walk through its lamp lit streets becomes like the scene of a romantic movie in which you are the main character, and everything feels in place.

On the other side, Valletta is more active. Outdoor bars and cafes are open until late and cultural events take place all over the city. The atmosphere is more colorful and drinking a glass of wine in a bar is just the start of an incredible evening.

Medina Malta in Autumm
The quiet streets of Mdina, the silent city

Insider Tip: During the Notte Bianca in the first week of October the streets of Valletta get occupied by performers, food stalls and art.  This annual event taking place in the Maltese capital opens the doorsof museums, delights visitors with live performances and offers something for everyone.

It is definitely something to check out, as the variety of events, food and activities shows why Malta is a country you should visit more than once.

I´m in love with Malta and after visiting almost every European country, I still think that this country should be considered the most romantic and charming place in Europe. Valletta has the architectural beauty of Paris or Rome, Gozo the colorful and astonishing landscapes of Greece and St. Julien the energetic and dynamic live of Barcelona. All this within one hour of driving. Visiting Europe and not traveling to Malta is like leaving the cherry on top of the cake.




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