Uncommon activities to learn on a long trip

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November 9, 2018

Uncommon activities to learn on a long trip

When you first set off on an extended travel sabbatical, your brain’s bursting with new experiences. And this sensory overload means that moving along while absorbing as much as possible is about as much as you can manage.

But as the months progress, while you probably won’t be pining for your old nine to five existence, you might feel that there are other activities you can slot into your routine to earn a little cash and keep your mind and body balanced.

If this sounds promising, here are ten activities to earn and learn on the road, which you probably haven´t heard before.

Local fighting arts

Taekwondo in Seoul, Muay Thai in Bangkok or Capoeira in Rio.  Research and learn more about global fighting styles on Martial Arts Around The World. Why not try to attend at least one class in each country you travel to. It’s a great way to keep fit, meet locals and learn their combat traditions.


We all want to try it, but we end up never doing it. Spend long enough in any one location and you’ll pick up a few pertinent phrases. But you can also become more fluent in foreign tongues by listening to apps like Duolingo in your downtime or simply attending some classes in the early mornings or afternoon. Come on, it would not sound amazing if you can tell your friends back home you really learned some Tagalog in the Philippines.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)

MOOCs don’t have the same vocational value as formal courses, but they’re interesting nonetheless and many of the higher quality options are designed by bona fide higher education institutions. If you want to test the water in a new academic area, they’re worth considering.

Write a Travel book

Blogging is a brilliant way of sharing your experiences and generating some income, but save some of your scribblings for collation into a travel book on your return — it might become a Bill Bryson-style bestseller.


Volunteering is one of the most preferred activities for travellers and while there are dozens of organizations promoting volunteering in the most remote parts of the world, selecting the right one might make a huge difference in the experience you get. When you volunteer with an organisation like VSO, it facilitates a much more substantive travel experience and allows you to give something valuable back to the communities you’re spending time in.

Book of Life

Brush up on your emotional intelligence by reading erudite articles from The Book of Life — this regularly updated online resource covers everything from art to careers and relationships.

Learn a simple and small instrument

You can’t carry a baby grand piano in your backpack and even a guitar can be cumbersome. Beside, travelling with a guitar is way too overrated! But small instruments like the harmonica might be the right call.  It will not only fits in your shirt pocket but, once you can string a few tunes together, you might pick up a few pennies by busking.


Vlogging can be carried out as an alternative to a traditional blog, or in tandem with it. Recording your daily experiences is time-consuming, but video content is highly shareable and could eventually earn you cash.

Get a degree

If you’re on your travels for a few years, earn an online degree with Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning — you can study flexibly and upskill for a career switch when you return home.

Remote working & Freelancing

Provided you have a laptop and internet connection, freelancing as a copywriter or graphic designer might be feasible. And if you’re paid in a high-value currency, the cash will go further at your end.





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