Activities to get you out of your comfort zone

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November 9, 2018

Activities to get you out of your comfort zone

Traveling in itself is one big adventure, a way to broaden your mind, get yourself out of your comfort zone, and make lasting memories. The world is full of so many amazing things to see and do, some of which will suit those people who love to relax in luxury and some that are perfect for those of us who want to soak up culture. For those who like to pump up the adrenaline, here are 5 of the best adventure activities around the world.

Walk on the wild side

A safari is an amazing experience, where you can see a lion stalk his prey, or a leopard shading himself beneath a tree. Get up close and personal with wild animals in their own habitats, whether on the back of a jeep in South Africa, a boat or even on foot. There is nothing like following footprints (or dung!) for miles, tracking a rhino and then finding yourself looking right at it.

Source: Pixabay

Go underground

Caving, or spelunking, is not for the claustrophobic, but for those who don’t mind squeezing through tight spaces, it can be quite addictive! There is something so incredible about the pure darkness that comes with being so far underground and seeing things that otherwise go unmissed, such as prehistoric cave paintings. From the Cuevas del Drach in Spain to the Postojnska Jama in Slovenia, these underground labyrinths are an incredible sight.

Take a leap of faith

Sometimes, all you can do is jump. The first ever organized bungee jump was in 1988 in New Zealand and since then it has become a terrifying, yet exhilarating activity across the world. Although New Zealand is still the home of bungee jumping, you can now jump from places such as Victoria Falls Bridge, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. In fact, most countries offer at least one bungee jumping site, so there’s no excuse!

Source: Pixabay

Explore below the sea

When you feel like you’ve seen plenty of the world above the surface, it’s time to look beneath the sea. Scuba diving is an amazing way to do this; exploring the corals and sea life up close feels like being in a whole other world. Of course, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the most famous and largest place for scuba diving. However, most places that have a sea will offer scuba diving and there’s always plenty to see.

Climb the highest heights

Standing at the peak of a mountain literally feels like standing on the top of the world. You are surrounded by clouds and can see the earth stretch out below you, which is amazing in and of itself but the pure feeling of accomplishment is incredible too. Whether you want to try Mount Fuji in Japan, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or Snowdon in Wales, as long as you are experienced enough and have the right equipment, climbing mountains is a fantastic adventure.

So, are you feeling brave? These adventures might seem pretty terrifying but imagine the thrill of being able to show your friend and family that you did it! Looking back on the photographs knowing that you’ve done something that most people would not even consider. Which of these would you try?




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