From Seattle to the Philippines — how to start your journey with the right foot

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October 31, 2018

From Seattle to the Philippines — how to start your journey with the right foot

The Filipino American community is one of the largest Asian American groups in Seattle. It possesses a large history that stretches back to at least 1898, when the archipelago became a US territory and students and workers began to immigrate west.

Now completely independent, the Philippines islands are a magnet for tourists of any heritage who appreciate natural beauty, a pleasant climate and a fascinating culture. Planification is key for this kind of journey, for that reason we prepared some simply tips to make the most of this journey and at the same time, save some bucks.

  1. Booking flights

Kayak is a great search engine for comparing prices. It offers different filters and their algorithm finds the cheapest flight available. If you are interested in finding flights from Seattle airport to the Philippines at, we prepared a link for you.

INSIDER TIP: Looking for the quickest connection? Asiana Airlines flies in under 15 hours with a brief layover in Seoul, South Korea. And you can also fly via Seoul to Cebu City in roughly the same timescale — provided you choose an itinerary that minimizes transfer time.

It’s a long-haul flight, so stay comfortable by splashing out on premium economy tickets or taking as many home comforts like snacks and neck pillows as possible.

Philippines El Nido and Coron
View of Coron in the Island of Palawan
  1. Booking accommodation

As you’d expect in a major Asian hotspot, there are lots well-appointed hotels based on your budget. The Philippines is also a very inexpensive country. A 5-star luxury hotel at the right season, can be as expensive as a 3-star hotel in San Francisco or Los Angeles — The Peninsula Manila, City Garden Hotel Makati and Marco Polo Plaza Cebu being three brilliant examples.

But if you want a taste of living like a local, book an authentic Philippine accommodation at Airbnb. The choice is endless — from a fab exec apartment in the heart of Makati to a villa with private beach incluiding staff in Puerto Princesa.

  1. Going to the airport

It’s easy to take a taxi, shuttle or light link rail from downtown Seattle to the airport.

However, you have to build in time for possible delays and potentially endure a hot and bothersome environment which may ramp up your pre-flight stress levels. As well if you’re travelling with kids, this tricky situation can be compounded.

Traveling with your own vehicle can be pricey but gives you lot of flexibility vehicle. It doesn´t mean it will break your pocket, as websites like find the best price for you. You can cruise into the terminal feeling completely chilled, drop off your ride and hop over to the terminal — child’s play.

  1. Waiting for your flight

Grabbing a great meal before boarding a long flight should certainly be top of your airport to-do list — if you miss out on this culinary treat, you’re at the mercy of airline food which can be a hit or a miss in the taste department.

Luckily, you can top up your tummy from a wide choice of eateries directly at the airport — choices include sublime sushi form Hachi-Go, pub food and beer at the Seattle Tap Room and tasty nachos and wings at the Seattle Seahawks 12 Club.

And when you’ve had your fill, you might be so stuffed that you doze off for the duration of your flight — an added bonus.

Ready to board your flight?




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