Pride Barcelona: Partying at Catalonia´s most eccentric festival


October 31, 2017

Pride Barcelona: Partying at Catalonia´s most eccentric festival

Visiting the Pride Barcelona is not only an activity for the LGBT community but also for everyone traveling to the city and looking for a fun time and a different perspective of Barcelona.

Holy Festival at Barcelona Pride 2017 - Pride Barcelona
Holy Festival at Barcelona Pride 2017

Visiting the city during the Pride Barcelona festival is one of the options and here I will tell you why. Barcelona is one of these cities that you will probably visit more than once if you are from a European country and while the city itself is incredibly beautiful, after your third time there you will start to think twice if you really want to walk through Passeig de Gracia or make the long line at Sagrada Familia again. So why not visit the city during a large festival? That way you get to expericence the same place in totally different colors.

The Pride Barcelona festival has been celebrated in Barcelona for years. It attracts hundreds of visitors from the gay community all over Europe. However, after visiting this year´s pride, I realized that this is not an event focused only on the LGBT community, but can actually be for people with all kinds of sexual preferences, families and even children.

Plaza de Espana- Pride Barcelona 2017
Plaza de Espana- Pride Barcelona 2017

The festival is not only the parade, but consists of a series of events with concerts, international street food, shows, parties and colorful events. This year´s pride had a foam party, live acts of bands from different parts of the world and even a holy festival of colors.  Just imagine starting your weekend with a foam party at the beach of Barcelona; if this is not how a great summer holiday starts, I can´t imagine what would be.

A parade of colors, diversity and fun

Of course, all of these events are only the appetizer for the main event on the last day of the Pride Barcelona, when a parade of many different communities, brands, and movements goes from Plaza de Espana to Plaza Catalunya in a carousel of colors, music and smiles. People of all ages join in this party, that gets bigger with every street ending up in a multitude of people celebrating life and diversity.

The Pride Barcelona definitely was an event to remember. It was the first pride festival I ever visited in my life and I´m sure it won´t be the last. Now I know that if I want to see a completely different side of a city I already visited, events like this will transform it into a new place, which I haven´t explored yet.




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