Smart Space-Saving Tips For Packing your Luggage


February 12, 2017

Smart Space-Saving Tips For Packing your Luggage

Author: Yanna Cerez
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Are you having a hard time maximizing your luggage space?

Efficient and organized packing will help you avoid paying expensive fees for extra weight, and enable you to save space for souvenirs. It’s also good to think about the type of vacation you are going on and how it may affect the things you pack so that you don’t take unnecessary items.

Check out these tips for how to maximize every bit of space in your luggage and pack light on your next trip:

1. Writing a packing list


After your itinerary, your packing list should be the next step of your planning. Prepare a piece of paper or your note-taking app on your phone and list down the necessary things based on your itinerary.

Start by making an inventory of all the things you need before you go on your vacation. Then, check all the items while you place them one by one into your bag.

Creating a packing list will help you to determine the things that could be unnecessary, heavy and space-consuming in your luggage.

2. Don’t bring unnecessary things


While you should prepare things that you need to pack, it is also equally important to determine things that are not necessary and will only add extra baggage.

You may look back to your last trip and try to remember items that you actually used. This could be helpful for you to decide the things you should not pack such as jewelry, multiple guidebooks, valuables and beauty products.

3. Wear your bulkiest clothing items


Some items such as hats, jeans and hiking boots can be worn on the plane and there’s no reason to pack them in your suitcase.

When you feel like you don’t need to wear your thickest sweater or jacket, take it off and place it in the overhead compartment.

In case your destination has a cold climate or you are going to hike, it may require you to bring several thick pieces of clothing and heavy-duty items. For some heavy shoes and bulky jackets keep them out of your bag to save space and weight in your checked luggage.

4. Roll your clothes


Compared to folding, rolling your clothes can save you more space. Rolling your clothes will make it easier to fit them into smaller parts inside your suitcase and fill the gaps in between – maximizing the space.

For your tops, fold them in half vertically, fold the sleeves and roll them tight. Meanwhile, for pants, start by folding them in half first and roll them tightly.

5. Use packing cubes


Packing cubes doesn’t necessarily save weight for your luggage but more importantly they help you maximize your space.

Fitting more items in less space helps you minimize the number of bags you need to bring on your trip. Consequently, you will stop worrying about a lot of different bags, luggage and valuables in different places.

You can put all of your toiletries, toothbrush and medications in one small packing cube and have a separate larger packing cube for your clothing.

6. Pack items inside your shoes


Shoes are items that take a lot of space. Nonetheless, they have space inside them too and you can use this space to put socks and products that won’t burst such as ties, jewelry and underwear.

7. Manage your liquids


Liquids should be kept safe to avoid them bursting. Pour a small amount of the liquid product into a clean and empty contact case for a short weekend trip.

8.    Choose the right luggage


Overall, choosing the right luggage will make a difference to your travels. Using a good-sized carry-on luggage helps you free yourself from all the worries of losing your luggage or getting additional fees. Opt for tough and dependable brands and be confident and worry-free on your entire travels.

9. Leave room for souvenirs


Do you love shopping? Don’t forget to reserve some space in your bag for your souvenirs going home.

Well, if there’s no other way to find space in your fully packed bag, then you might also consider shipping your souvenirs when going back home.

It’s true that shipping seems to be costly, but consider the extra weight or the excess baggage fees that will cost you over a hundred dollars for every bag.

10. Do your laundry on the road


Washing your clothes allows you to use few clothes multiple times. You will find laundry detergent in travel-sized bottles at many drug stores and laundromats. You may also buy an empty bottle and fill it with laundry detergent at home and wash your clothes in your hotel room’s sink.

11. Don’t leave packing to the last minute


Over packing happens when you carelessly pack all of clothes and other things in your bag. It is recommended to prepare your clothes a week earlier before your trip to have enough time to decide to avoid trouble with your luggage.

12. Double check your things before you go


Despite writing down all the things you need to pack and reviewing your day-to-day itinerary, you will still find unnecessary things in your bag. Lay everything out on your bed or another wide space and check every item one by one.

Consider important factors such as weight of an item and versatility of clothing choices. Choose colors that can match in various ways with other items so that you can wear the same piece of clothing more than once.

13. Weigh your bag before you get to the airport


If you are already at the airport and you find out that your bag is more than the weight limit for luggage set by the airline, you only really have two choices. Either you will take several items out of your luggage, or just pay the expensive fees for the extra weight.

While you’re still at home, you can do the weighing of your bag there and change heavier items for lighter ones.

Author Bio: Yanna Cerez is a passionate travel and lifestyle blogger. She is learning her trade working for Blogger Sidekick helping small businesses build authority brands with content marketing. In her spare time she loves reading books, watching documentaries and shows on Netflix.




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