19 simple tips for traveling Stockholm on a budget


September 20, 2016

19 simple tips for traveling Stockholm on a budget

Stockholm might not be the cheapest city in Europe, but this doesn´t mean it should break the bank either

    • While the Arlanda Express connects the city center to the airport in only 30 minutes, the local bus company Flygbussarna takes only 45 minutes and costs less than the half of the Arlanda Express ticket.
    • Take your student ID with you all the time. Most museums offer student discounts and you can get up to 30% off.
    • Sweden uses Swedish Krona (SEK). Get the best rate by bringing a credit card without foreign fee.
    • Exchange houses sometimes charge extra fees for exchanging coins into SEK. If you are exchanging foreign currency, try to exchange only bills.
    • After visiting several hostels, the Backpackers City Hostel was not only my favourite hostel in Stockholm but also one of my favourites in Europe
    • Get a complete brunch buffet at the Hansson Hotel every day from 8 to 11 for only 170 SEK
    • Public transportation is not cheap. However, bike stations are located all around the city from 160 SEK for a three-day membership (you need to create an account and get a membership for 3 days, half a year or a whole year)
    • Visit Gamla Stan when the sun goes down and catch photographs like this


    • Långholmen Kajak offers kayak rentals and kajak tours for the cheapest price in town
  • Watch the change of guard at the following times

Timetable guards Stockholm

    • Download the map of Stockholm from Google Maps and don´t get lost anywhere around the city.
    • Stockholm has some of the most unique and beautiful metro stations in the world. A perfect opportunity for some nice sight seeing on a rainy day without spending much money.
    • Scandinavians are crazy about hot dogs. Try the “Halv Special” or “Varmkorv med bröd”, a Swedish fast food perfect for that moment when the party is over.
    • The Public drinking regulation in Stockholm is in a grey zone. While public drinking is allowed in many parts of the city, it is completely forbidden in some others. Instead of getting into trouble, enjoy a drink at your hostel, where prices are probably lower, and in local pubs.
    • Alcohol is extremely expensive in Sweden, if you are going partying with some friends in the Swedish capital, get some alcohol in your home country or the duty free zone.
    • Grab a snack at the local markets in the morning and save some money tasting local delicacies.
    • Some of the biggest names in electronic music started playing at clubs in Stockholm. Rock the night at Sturecompagniet or The White Room, two of the biggest and best known clubs in Sweden.
  • Get hip and upgrade your closet by visiting some of the vintage and second hand stores in the district of SoFo.
  • Stockholm offers some free tours, which are perfect for travelers on a budget and as good as any other private tour.




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