Is Malta the perfect summer destination?


July 18, 2016

Is Malta the perfect summer destination?

I went to Malta in the past weeks and believe or not, this country just become my favourite country in Europe

Located in the Mediterranean Sea south from Sicily and only a couple of hours by plane from Europe´s biggest cities, the island of Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe. However, after some days of traveling around the country, I still can’t believe how such a small country can be so diverse in terms of nature and activities, that I feel I haven´t seen anything and I need to come back soon.

Malta consists of three small, but incredibly diverse islands: Malta Island, Gozo and Comino. Malta Island is by far the largest and most vibrant of the three islands and with Malta´s three most important and dynamic cities in the North East of the Island – Valletta, Silema and St. Julien´s – plus archeological, prehistorical and cultural sites all around the island, Malta Island is definitely a place for travelers looking for culture, history, nightlife and leisure. While Malta Island keeps travelers awake day and night, Comino and Gozo are islands to relax and enjoy the sun in its perfect, crystal clear waters full of corals and marine life or to unleash your wild side and try some adventure sports like kayaking, scuba diving or rock climbing. A great place for a day of relaxation and fun.

Wake up on an island where there´s no winter, take a swim in its beautiful waters and have the chance to take a leap of faith in front of one of the most beautiful baroque style skylines in the world.

Malta Valletta view in Silema

Not only Valletta takes you back to the 17th Century, but also the wonderful cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospiscua, better known as “The Three Cities”: a place where history comes back to life and shows you why Malta is the hidden gem in the Mediterranean. The beautiful streets of Mdina bring you to a different world, where the atmosphere is so calm, mystic and compelling, that you might even forget to take out your camera once in a while.

A country where big adventures begin

Both in the blue waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino and on the scenic cliffs in Gozo, adventure and sports play a big role. With Malta hosting some of the most diverse and beautiful marine life in Europe, scuba diving is one of the main sports in the country. Experience life in a completely different form in one of Europe’s best destinations for wreck diving, feeling like an explorer searching for the mythical Atlantis. Search for ships, statues and even a Volkswagen Beetle in the depth of the ocean. If you don´t have your PADI certificate yet, don’t worry: Malta offers clear waters with different tones of blue for snorkeling fans in Gozo or Comino.

Are you a fan of heights? Malta is not only a paradise for watersports lovers, but also one of the best destinations in the world for rock climbers. Whether bottom rope or top rope, Malta is a destination to test your limits and feel the adrenaline of climbing some of the most fascinating and mighty cliffs in the country. Want to take your adrenaline levels to the next stage? Malta is one of the top 10 destinations for DWS (deep-water soloing), a climbing modality practiced on sea cliffs involving climbing without ropes over the water surface, which is probably one of the coolest activities I´ve ever done.

Paragliding, trekking, wind boarding, kayaking and many other adventure sports can be also practiced in Malta, showing us why Malta is probably the best destination in Europe for adrenaline junkies.

The place where the nightlife is as fun as the day

Cafe del Mar Malta
Cafe del Mar is a popular spot among locals and travelers

Malta is a non-stop destination.  Whether day or night, Malta has something for you and let me tell you this: Maltese really know how to celebrate. With local festivities all year long, where locals celebrate festivities like the Malta International Fireworks Festival on April or the carnival in February; and with one of the largest party cultures in Europe, Malta must not shy away from the comparison with places like Mallorca or Ibiza, where 24 hours a day are not enough. Malta also has the Malta Music Week in Summer, where different parties are celebrated 5 days straight all around the island. With club parties featuring artists like Sam Feldt or Steve Aoki, and finishing the week with the Isle of MTV music festival, which is probably the biggest festival in the Mediterranean, this is probably an event you really don´t want to miss.

The Isle of MTV music festival featuring well known artists like Wiz Khalifa, Enrique Iglesias, or Martin Garrix, is celebrated at the Granaries in Floriana, right next to
Valletta and the best of all: It´s free!!

While party animals can party all night long in the clubs, Malta has a wide variety of chic and stylish lounges and bars right next to the Sea, offering wonderful views of the coastline and a quiet spot for watching the sunset with a glass of wine and your partner. Hip lounge Café del Mar even has an infinity pool next to the shore, offering the perfect view when the sun goes down, which in my personal opinion is the ideal spot to finish a perfect holiday.

Top Insider Tips

  • Rent a car and don´t waste time traveling from one place to the other

  • Schedule your day in advance and make the most of this wonderful country

  • Visit Malta during the Isle of MTV music festival and party not only like but with the rockstars

After spending some days in Malta, I can tell you that Malta is not only a place for a small weekend getaway in winter, but it is by far one of the most interesting and peculiar destinations in Europe and a perfect destination for a long summer holiday. To me Malta is a place with the charm of Paris, the vibe of Barcelona, the beauty of Rome and the atmosphere of Palermo: the perfect summer destination in Europe!

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