24 signs you are in a relationship with traveling.


May 15, 2016

24 signs you are in a relationship with traveling.

From talking too much about it to being just happy about it, these are some signs that you are in a relationship with traveling

I remember the time a date became my girlfriend and I didn’t even notice it. We went out together almost every day, my parents knew all about it and all I did was talk about how good it is to be together. We were in a relationship and I didn’t know it!

The same holds true for traveling. I love it, it makes me happy and I feel I can’t live without it. In the next article, I will tell you which symptoms I had, so you can check yourself if you are already having a relationship with traveling!

  • You can´t stop thinking about it
  • You´ve already annoyed your friends by talking way too much about it
  • Your Instagram is full of photos of it
  • All your plans revolve around it
  • It makes you feel joy
  • You feel happy spending money on it
  • It´s the only thing you talk about
  • It makes you feel special
  • It makes you proud
  • It can make you cry or jump for joy from one moment to the next
  • It shapes your personality
  • It´s your main conversation topic at family dinners
  • It can drive you crazy
  • It makes your heart beat faster
  • It gives you courage
  • You feel it complements you
  • A few bad experiences won´t get you down
  • You instantly connect
  • Sometimes you do stupid things for it
  • Your parents want to know everything about it
  • At times it makes you neglect your friends
  • It requires planning
  • You can´t imagine life without it
  • You simply love it

And you!…. are you in a relationship with traveling?

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