5 things you will miss during your exchange and 5 more you will miss back at home


January 4, 2016

5 things you will miss during your exchange and 5 more you will miss back at home


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1. Having long conversations with your friends at home about anything important

Remember those conversations about who will be eaten by aliens first? Being in an exchange means meeting new people and new friends every day. At first this might sound very interesting and fun but there are going to be some moments when you just want to sit with your good old friends at home and talk about nothing.

  1. Your favourite breakfast

I did 2 exchanges in completely different countries and since my first exchange I haven’t returned home, so I know what I´m talking about when I tell you how much I miss my favourite breakfast. There is a reason why they call it the most important meal of the day.

Whenever I return home, no matter what time of the day, I just want to eat my favourite breakfast and by now it has become a tradition for me.

  1. The song you used to hear at the club

For most of us exchange means a big change in our daily life. Going to a completely different country with a completely different culture and trying to be part of this new life. Of course such a big change also means new friends, new food and different habits.

There will be a moment during your exchange when you just want to go partying and hear that song that drove you crazy last summer but is completely different from the music people listen to in your host country.

  1. The hugging culture.

No matter if you come from South America, Asia or Europe. Sometimes you will find the hugging culture in your host country a little bit weird and you will wish people there would be more like you.

Germans don’t like to hug people at the first encounter, South Americans give kisses and hugs to everyone and some cultures in Asia don’t even touch each other. Even though they might be small these cultural differences are what makes each country special and unique.

  1. Either Christmas day or New Year’s Eve.

Christmas day or New Year’s Eve; at least one of these 2 dates is very important to you and you want to celebrate this day with family, friends or both. While most exchangers return home for Christmas, for others, due to the program or flight costs, it is not possible. I can tell you now that Christmas is not the same when you are on exchange and you will probably feel like something´s not alright.

Now your exchange is over and you want to go back, let me tell you some things you will definitely miss once you´re back.

1. THE exchange song 

No matter which type of music or language, there is a song that reminds us of our exchange.

We all have one, no exception to this rule. This song reminds us of memories, friends, parties and adventures during this amazing time abroad and each time we hear it we tell our friends at home another exchange story.

2. That first person you met and who made your exchange awesome 

Everything was unknown and uncertain, most people just ignored you and you had the feeling everything sucks; then you met this person who speaks the same language as you (or not) and who is happy to welcome you to a new country and makes your exchange simply awesome.

You went partying, drinking, having fun with this person and he/she promised you to visit you back home and continue the party. I can only say: Let’s cheer for that person that made your exchange.

  1. The lack of new experiences

During your exchange everything was new, exotic and different. At home you soon feel bored back in your old everyday schedule and the well known surroundings that are all too well explored already. However, your exchange has opened your mind; you should know how to keep your spirits high and look for new adventures.

  1. The lack of responsibilities

Everything was easy during your exchange. You had a student counselor, everything was made for you and because you were the exchange student you even had no homework or just a few tasks. This lack of responsibilities is something you will definitely miss. Life is just easier during an exchange and there will be some point where you will just want to go back and keep having that life.

  1. New Year’s Eve

Remember how awesome it was to celebrate the upcoming year on a beach in Thailand, in the streets of Hong Kong or in the underground clubs of Berlin? We had such a memorable experience of this date that we wish New Year´s at home was just half as exciting and fun as it was during the exchange.

Do you miss your exchange. Let us know how was it and where did you go in the comments below and check these 21 things I wish I had known before my exchange

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