Famous city nicknames and the stories behind them


December 2, 2015

Famous city nicknames and the stories behind them

The big apple, the lion city or the city of love. How many famous city nicknames do you know?

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From New York City to Mumbai. These are some of the nicknames of the most famous cities in the world and the stories behind these names.

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City nicknames London, New York Singapore

New York City – The Big Apple
London – The Old Smoke
Las Vegas – Sin City

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City nicknames Venice, Hong Kong, Singapore

Paris – The City of Love
Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient
Singapore – The Lion City

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City nicknames Moscow, Amsterdam, Athens

Moscow – The Whitestone
Amsterdam – Venice of the North
Athens – The City of Violet Crown

City nicknames Chicago, Beijing, San Francisco

Vancouver – The Big Smoke
Chicago – The Windy City
New Orleans – The Big Easy

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City nicknames Philadelphia

Venice – The Bride of the Sea
Philadelphia – The City of Brotherly Love
Jerusalem – The Holy City

City nicknames Mumbai

Helsinki – The White City of the North
Mumbai – The City of Dreams
Detroit – Motor City

City nicknames Dallas

Miami – The Magic City
Dallas – Big D
Los Angeles – City of Angels

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Did you know them all? Which one is your favorite nickname and which one do you think represents the city in their best way. I always found “The City of Love” perfect for Paris. Would you agree with this?

Which is the nickname of your hometown and what makes your hometown special?




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