5 Airbnb luxury accomodations every backpacker can afford


November 9, 2015

5 Airbnb luxury accomodations every backpacker can afford

The bigger they are and luxurious they look, the lower you pay. It´s a pity that not everything in life is like this.

Villa Johnpaul in Bali, Indonesia

Price: 134€ + No charge until 6 occupants

Wake up in a suite with the amazing view of Bali from the top of a hill, get some breakfast at the rooftop balcony and then take a swim in your private pool. Sounds like the daily life of a rockstar or a movie star, right?

Actually, this can be you! For only 22-23€ per day you and five other mates can rent this beautiful villa in Bali. You even get a private driver during your stay in this luxurious house in the middle of paradise

I´m definitely booking this place next time I head to Indonesia.


Villa Tortuga in Pattaya, Thailand

Price: 133€ + No charge until 7 occupants

Only five minutes from the beach and located in the best location of Pattaya, this house looks like a mansion in Hollywood Hills. For only 20€ a night if you are sharing the villa with six more friends, this place seems like a dream come true.

With a private pool, jacuzzi and surrounded by cafes and nice shops, this place is definitely a bargain when it comes to accommodation in Thailand.


Batu Kurung Villa in Ubud, Indonesia

123€ + No charge until 5 occupants

Let´s start saying that this place looks like the places you see in the Instagram of a supermodel. With a very nice Balinese decoration and surrounded by nature, this paradise on earth would cost you only 25€ per night if you arrive with four more friends.

With your own swimming pool, a private driver and the beautiful weather in Indonesia; this place will definitely make you feel like the star you always wanted to be.


Beach house in Western Visayas, Philippines

Price: 121€ + No charge until 10 occupants (only 4 beds)

We already passed the villas who football players and supermodels can afford and we are taking it now to the next level.

Want to feel what is to have your own island? Well, the beach house in Sipalay City will make your billionaire dream for only 12€ a night come true. Ok, 12€ if you share the island with nine friends and some of them sleep on the beach or hammocks. But for amazing diving spots, incredible sunsets and great beach parties, I think I´m fine with that.

However, I would like to point out that this place is more a relaxing place, rather than a luxurious one. Check it by yourself and decide if this might worth it.


Sunset Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand

Price: 141€ + No charge until 6 occupants

Located in one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand and with     an astonishing view of the coastline (amazing sunsets included), this place can be yours from only 23€ a night.

With many complementary services like Full Moon Party transportation, car rentals and private tours, this villa can be everything you need in this beautiful island.


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