21 things I wish I had known before my exchange


November 4, 2015

21 things I wish I had known before my exchange


Photography source: Exchange Student World

1.       You will get fat no matter which country you are from or which country you are going

2.       You are going to find each girl/guy on the streets very attractive

3.       You are going going to have a short depression after 2 months and it will last at least 2 weeks

4.       It´s normal not to like your host family and this won´t make you a bad person

5.       You will sleep a lot in class, a lot!!

6.       You will lose contact with many people at home

7.       You won´t travel as much as you think you will or will travel too much (there isn´t a midpoint)

8.       Because your traveling/drinking ratio will be proportional

9.       You can make your relationship at your home work out if you really want

10.   You will be an expert in exchange rates

11.   You will agree that Skype is the best invention in the world

12.   You will learn about yourself a lot

13.   You would kill for a taste of some food of your country

14.   …. and at some point of your exchange you will pay a ridiculous amount of money for it

15.   You will complain and at the same time love the weather

16.   You will be amazed that after 4 months and from one week to another you will understand the new language

17.   And you are going to speak fluently at the end of the year

18.   However, you will spend more time with foreigners

19.   You might get tired of the country but never about the exchange

20.   and should enjoy each day of your exchange as this would be the last one

21.   Because at the end… No matter how your exchange was, you will show some tears on the plane back home

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